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Overpass: BigBen Week Highlights And Details

Overpass Game

During a Bigben Week press conference, the company took the opportunity to unveil its plans for the future. Offering a diverse lineup of titles, Bigben discussed its focus on racing, sports, and simulation. Among the titles showcased was the upcoming Overpass.

Overpass at Bigben Week Conference

Overpass allows players to get behind the wheel of several off-road vehicles like buggies, quads, and more as they traverse dangerous terrains. The game employs realistic physics that will require players to keep their cool and act with precision to be successful.

Overpass will also feature realistic reproduction of popular off-roading brands like Yamaha and Suzuki. This means players will need to master near true to life driving mechanics such as 2/4 drive wheels, transmission types, and more.

In addition to off-roading action, Overpass will feature a career mode of its own. Players will need to manage their vehicles and adapt to various terrain types in order to secure sponsors and win competitions.

Be sure to pick up Overpass this October on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch.

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