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PAX East 2016: Virtual Reality Showdown!

PAX East 2016 Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the next big thing, and there was all kinds of VR at PAX East 2016. HTC Vive and Oculus are the best, and most expensive Virtual Reality headsets on the market, with the former going for $800 USD, and the latter going $600 USD.

As these two brands quickly become the most popular, they are beginning to develop exclusive games as we see with PlayStation and Xbox consoles. PlayStation Virtual Reality was also in attendance at PAX East, and is also a solid VR option, which goes for $500 USD. Each have their pros and cons, and here they are.

HTC Vive

htc vive

Taken by VR Focus


  • 2160 x 1200 combined resolution
  • 90 Hz refresh rate
  • The headset covers your entire field of view
  • Includes controllers


  • $800
  • No headphones built into the headset




  • 2160 x 1200
  • Built in headphones
  • 90 Hz refresh rate


  • Resolution
  • $600, less than HTC Vive, but still not affordable for many people
  • Does not always cover your entire field of view
  • Does not come with controllers

PlayStation VR



  • $400, cheaper than the previous two, but still not as cheap as some other VR headsets
  • Does not include controllers
  • On PlayStation, so the VR cannot be run as well as on top shelf PC’s

At PAX East 2016 multiple games were in attendance with all forms of VR, not just the ones listed above. Fated was one virtual reality game at PAX East which is being released tomorrow. They brought HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PS VR setups, so fans could play on any of the three.

As we get farther into 2016, we should see these different forms of virtual reality become much more competitive in price. As they become more affordable, their popularity will skyrocket. Until then only those who can drop $500 plus can experience the full fledged VR experience.

From Sports Gamers Online, I hope we have brought you some insightful virtual reality information.

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