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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Review

PES 2017 Review

Let’s talk about Pro Evolution Soccer 2017! We are going to analyze Graphics, Gameplay, and Game Modes. Part one of our video review can found above, and part two is at the bottom of the page. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


This year is the best we’ve seen in terms of graphics from Pro Evolution Soccer, however when you compare PES to the other large franchises in the sports gaming genre PES doesn’t finish on top.

Players mostly look good up close – some of them do have pretty goofy eyes or teeth – but the overall look is lacking.

NHL, NBA 2K, Madden, and FIFA are all more advanced in comparison to PES graphically. However, I do think PES does a nice job with the cutscenes, instant replays, and the prelude to the stadiums in each match. The ripple of the net stood out, and they players’ movements were clean. Overall PES is still above average in terms of graphics, and this is a step in the right direction for the franchise.


Gameplay this year in PES is a smooth combination of simulation and an arcade tiki taka feel when you are building the ultimate attack. The passing is concise and the first touches are crisp. Players, such as Iniesta, Fabregas and Kroos, who specialize in technical skill are superb in PES 2017. The ball seems to zip around on the pitch with plenty of speed. Which is both a good and a bad thing. The tempo of the game is really fast and you can change the direction of your attacks very effectively, but this means that it can be difficult to defend on the fly.pes 2017 gamescom

Pro Evolution has also expanded tactics this year, which can be a bit of a double-edged sword depending on how they are utilized on a match to match basis. Crossing and switching the pitch are mandatory parts of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, especially when looking for a quick counter attack. However, I would prefer if the defense was a bit more responsive, and the dribbling / skill moves could use some work going forward with the title. At times, when you wish to replicate running at your opponent’s defense it just doesn’t seem possible without feeling blocky on the ball. Also, goalkeepers have a little bit of an annoying habit of deflecting the ball back into traffic rather than out for a corner.

Finally, there are some nice little additions like vibration. It just feels satisfying when you hit a shot sweetly and the controller buzzes.

Game Modes

The offline masterpiece known as the “Master League” is what I look forward to most each year with Pro Evolution Soccer. The AI is incredible and adapts to your playstyle, which forces you to change constantly if you want to continually win titles and create a legacy. I often find myself playing 10-15 matches straight in the master league, because I enjoy the challenge of the artificial intelligence on the highest difficulty.

PES also has online competitions that players of all skill levels can participate in, with frequent updates throughout the year. Expect some large announcements regarding the competitive eSports scene this year for PES 2017.

The Champions League game mode is also nice addition that FIFA doesn’t offer. This mode allows you to take a club and attempt to win the most prestigious team award in soccer.

My Club

pes 2017 myclubMyClub is the build-your-fantasy-team game mode for PES 2017, and it offers options upon options upon options. This game mode has the most longevity of any in Pro Evo and allows players to play both online and offline while building their dream team.

I do have one major concern with PES in terms of online game modes…THE SERVERS! The servers right now are particularly suspect, and having clean latency in a match is rare, even when facing opponents in the same region. It’s really a shame, when so much of the market is in online gaming and the servers aren’t up to scratch. This is something Konami must fix as soon as they possibly can, otherwise they risk turning away a huge chunk of their potential fan base.


Overall I really enjoyed PES 2017, and if you are a soccer fan then this should be a title you purchase. Pro Evo does have some room to improve when it comes to graphics, skill moves, and servers. However, the overall package is a complete instalment that offers a much different feel in comparison to FIFA.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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