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GameStop Pre-order Bonuses Announced for Moto Racer 4

Moto Racer 4, a game designed by Microids and has been stuck in development hell, finally has a release date in the near future. Previously expected in October of last year, the game will be released on January 24th of this year.

Now up is the GameStop pre-order, which features some nifty bonus additions for the smooth price of $39.99. Featured with the game, which will feature PlayStation VR support, is three DLC packs, including the Space Dasher, Skewer, and Truth packs. All three packs include two new bikes, a new rider, a new emblem, and two new horns.

Given how long we’ve had to wait for this title past between its previous iterations–let alone its announcement–these bonuses could do well to salve the wounds of fans of the series.

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