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Gran Turismo Sport Will Not Include Dynamic Time or Weather

gran turismo sport dynamic conditions

Gran Turismo Sport will be shipping in November this year, but it won’t include a feature that fans of the series have come to expect. Dynamic time and dynamic weather will not be featured in this iteration of Gran Turismo, according to Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi in an interview with GT Planet.

In an excerpt from the interview, Kazunori explains that Gran Turismo Sport will omit “transitions” from the game, and instead allow players to pick racing conditions prior to starting the race. While fans might expect to see these features after Polyphony debuted them on the PS3, it apparently created inconsistencies in the quality between tracks, which is why this feature will no longer appear in games released by the company.

You’ll still be able to see different conditions for various tracks, but they won’t change during the race as they had previously. As Kazunori explains, “We opted to not have the transitions in the race this time in order to raise the framerate and the quality of the image *during* the race. So the user will be able to set that before they enter the race. So you’ll still be able to have night races, morning, races at dawn, dusk, and so on.”

It’s something! If the quality was jeopardized as much as Kazunori says, then it’s probably for the best that the feature be discontinued. I’m sure a lot of players will miss it, but at least they’ll still have the option of changing the conditions beforehand.

Are you sad to see the feature go? Let us know in the comments!

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