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Project CARS 3 Features Revealed!

Project Cars 3

Along with the announcement trailer for Project CARS 3, Slightly Mad Studios also revealed several features in the upcoming game.

Project CARS 3 features revealed

Referred to as the “ultimate driver journey”, Project CARS 3 features over 200 elite-brand cars, and over 140 tracks from across the globe. In addition to a wide range of cars and tracks, it also introduces new modes and enhancements.

When Project CARS 3 drops this summer, players will earn credits and XP to:

  • Purchases a wide range of vehicles
  • Customize liveries
  • Personalize drivers
  • and upgrade vehicles with performance parts

The game also includes:

  • A fully scalable assist system for all skill levels
  • New tire model to enhance handling behind the wheel
  • 24-hour cycle with dynamic seasons
  • All-weather racing
  • An improved controller experience with a visceral sense of speed
  • Improved crash effects and enhanced AI

All these improvements can be felt in the game’s new engaging Career Mode, daily challenges, compelling multiplayer, and community-based modes. Project CARS 3 launches later this summer for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

Moving forward in the right direction

Arguably something the franchise has sorely needed, players can now customize their vehicles beyond just cosmetics. In addition to being able to skip events using in-game currency, players can take their favorite cars from low profile events to high performance races. The goal of the completely revamped Career Mode is progression. Slightly Mad Studios aims to make sure player have a constant feeling of progression when upgrading and unlocking parts as well as advancing through events. With that in mind, the studio adjusted the methods for advancing in events. It is not necessary to win via first place. Participation is key, but as one would expect, the higher you place the better the rewards.

Another key focus this year is accessibility. Slightly Mad improved the control scheme and implemented a “First Time Player Experience” to attract new players. With enhancements and improvements to latency, multiplayer stability, overall gameplay accessibility, and personal driver experience, Project CARS 3 promises to be the best driving simulation of the year.

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