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Riders Republic Trailer Reveals Launch Date, Rad Game Modes

Ubisoft revealed more info about its colorful, goofy multiplayer game Riders Republic at its Ubisoft Forward press conference. The self-titled “Official Deep Dive” Trailer gave us a longer look at gameplay. We also got a look at some of the titular Republic’s locales. The trailer introduces some the Riders Republic game modes as well as a launch date: September 2nd, 2021.

Riders Republic: Game Modes

Riders Republic is, at its heart, an extreme-sport multiplayer experience. Today’s trailer revealed a handful of ways you’ll be able to spend time with your friends in the Republic. Starting with Trick Battles.

Tricks Battle is a six versus six mode where players compete to control the map. When a player or a team completes a trick on a module, that module turns your color. If your team controls all the hardware in an area of the map, they gain control of that district. All of this counts towards your final score. Tricks Battle seems like a fast pace twist on an old Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater classic. If your team spreads out too thin, it might be more difficult to stop your opponents from controlling the map. Maybe it’s better to focus on controlling one section?

In the same vain, the City Playground mode is a haven for folks who want to style, but less competitively. A playground of modules lets players practice their tricks, and looks like a beautiful marriage between Tony Hawk and SSX Tricky.

If you don’t want to stunt, Mass Races let you compete with 63 other players on bike, snowboard, or the most extreme sport: jetpack. Don’t want to compete at all? No problem. You can also earn progression just through exploration. Put on that wingsuit and land atop certain landmarks to unlock stars and a brief history of the area.

The Riders Republic: Real Courses, Real Places

The trailer features several clips of mountain biking in the first person (your biker always sounds a little tired and nervous, which was the most relatable part of the trailer). More importantly, all of these bike clips are on famous mountain bike routes. The trailer calls out the Red Bull Joyride, but features other locals as well, like the Red Bull Hardline.

You can also race in real locals like Bryce Canyon in Utah and California’s Mammoth Mountain.

Honestly, there’s a world where Ubisoft took Riders Republic way too seriously. Where it became less like an extreme sports arcade game and more like a Steep. Luckily, we don’t live in that world. Riders Republic looks like a great game to goof around with friends. As long as the game’s focus on progression isn’t unfair, or worse, locked behind microtransactions, Riders Republic has a lot to look forward to.

Riders Republic launches September 2, 2021 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and PC.

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