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Rocket League Review


Whats up everyone!

TriniTrin here with a review for Rocket league, aaaannnd its pretty damn good!

Rocket League is a competitive sports game where you play on a team trying to score the most goals in a match, think about it like soccer with rocket cars. It is some of the most fun I have had online recently and I really think its worth taking a look at!


The game features very basic controls that allow anyone to play

There are only 4 buttons to learn so the controls are real easy to pick up.

Beyond those basic controls is layer of expanded gameplay that can help separate the great players from the rest! The old adage easy to learn tough to master comes to mind when talking about this game. The AI in the game is mediocre ranging from friendly to evil as they score goals on you instead of helping. Sometimes they are really good however!

The Jump button allows you to pull of awesome moves as you learn to corkscrew, volley and flip your way to victory and nothing beats the feeling of scoring! This next clip is pretty much a summary of how I feel when I score a goal in rocket league.

As you finish matches, you gain experience points and unlock new parts for your car. These range from new body styles to toppers, antennas and other options that will help customize your cars look to your preference. The body will change hitboxes.

It helps to add a little personality to your otherwise standard avatar but doesn’t effect the gameplay stats of the cars other than hitbox. I’m glad they made it that way, the game is well balanced and doesn’t need micromanagey stats to differentiate players.

Graphics and Sound

While not bad by any means, the graphics and sound are very simple and basic.The graphics offer bright environments that include several arenas and offer a clean frame rate most of the time. 4v4 games can have some framerate slowdown, but not enough to affect gameplay.

The sound effects are the standard fare for racing games and do not offer much with regards to variety. The lack of music options during gameplay can be seen as a negative to some but I found it not to be much of an issue as I used the spotify app to play my own songs. There are some songs that play in the menus but there aren’t that many.


There are plenty of things to keep you busy in the game! But the meat of your time should be spent playing online and preferably playing online with friends!

Single player season modes are available and allow you to create a team on a quest for the ROCKET LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP! There are also exhibition modes and replay modes to view your saved matches,Training ect. Online mode is where it’s at and you can try your hand at 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 games. Currently, you can only play ranked matches with 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 games. While I think the online experience has been good, there have been some connectivity issues that occur and server issues still have been popping up. I think Psyonix will get everything taken care of but it is disappointing to see these issues happening. There has also been a delay in some of the features of this game being released such as Online cross play between PS4 and PC users.

All in all this game is a great package for the cost and if you like competitive sports games, this is right up your alley. While there have been some minor issues with the servers and the graphics and sounds are nothing to write home about, the gameplay more than makes up for any shortcomings this game may have. The fact that it is free for PS+ members means that you really have no excuse to not give it ait a shot if you have a PS4. For PC it runs 20 bucks, which is well worth it for a game like this!

Hopefully you enjoyed my Rocket League Review! Thanks for tuning in everyone and I will see you next time, take care!



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