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SGO Weekly: Handball Manager 20|21, Can’t Drive This, and More! (1/8/2021 – 1/14/2021)

Handball Manager 20|21 SGO Weekly

The SGO Weekly breaks down news that may have gone unnoticed throughout the previous week. In addition to general news, this includes reveals, trailers, and announcements. Check out this week’s breakdown featuring details on the Handball Manager 20|21, Can’t Drive This, and more from around Sports Gamers Online.

SGO Weekly: Handball Manager 20|21 and more!

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage coming to Steam

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage, an explosive, shooting racing experience, comes to PC via Steam on January 27.

The game releases via Early Access and it will remain for an estimated six months. During Early Access, players have access to a full racing game featuring 14 vehicles, 7 heavy weapons, 20 tracks, and several skills to defeat enemies. The final version will include a new battle arena mode, challenge mode, and a campaign mode in addition to more weapons, cars, and tracks.

Can’t Drive This physical edition

Can’t Drive This is a competitive co-op multiplayer party racing game. During the race, players build the road as their partner attempts to drive their monster truck on the created track. Can’t Drive This features 2-player online multiplayer, up to 4 players local, single player, and 4 modes.

The game is currently available on Steam via Early Access. However, it will be launching this spring, physically and digitally on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Liga Sacyr ASOBAL and STRABAG RAIL Extraliga come to Handball Manager 20|21

This week, netmin games announced two additional leagues for Handball Manager 20|21. Liga Sacyr ASOBAL and STRABAG RAIL Extraliga leagues now feature in the upcoming game. In addition, Handball 20|21 also includes also includes LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga and HBL 2. Handball Manager 20|21 launches on Steam on January 27.

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