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FIFA 19 Adds New Animations To Reinvigorate Kickoff Mode


Kick Off mode is getting some new additions in FIFA 19! Kick Off has always been a quickplay mode in FIFA. It is the easiest way to set up an unranked friendly against the CPU or friends. It seems that FIFA 19 is getting some new additions to this mode that should make things exciting.

FIFA 19 New Animations

New to Kick Off is the option to create a UEFA Champions League match with any rules you’d like. Want to hit the group stages? Do it. Want to hit the finals? Do it right from the menu. The UEFA Champions League match kick off mode will use the same presentation that’s available in tournament mode.

Best of Series is also new to kick off. This sets up a best of three or five series between two clubs and works like you’d expect a best of series to work. Home and Away games alternate. The score is aggregated to determine the winner. If there is a tie, the team with the most away goals wins. If the two clubs are still tied, they’ll go into penalty kicks.

Cup Finals will place you in a real-life cup final from any of the Finals available in the game.

House Rules is another addition made to kick off. You’ll be able to play with any custom rules you want.

Survival mode sounds like the coolest addition made to kick off in FIFA 19. When a team scores in survival mode, one random player is removed from the club.

The additions to kick off mode sound great in FIFA 19 and should give players some variation when they’re playing with friends.

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