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FIFA 22 Gameplay Details

Electronic Arts is doubling down its focus on FIFA 22’s gameplay. Last week, we got a full breakdown of FIFA’s new Hypermotion technology, this new system serves as the base of FIFA 22. EA’s ambition for Hypermotion is to bring FIFA into the next generation of consoles with an overhaul of existing features, and a couple of new additions. To explain these new additions, we got a new trailer, and patch notes that outline FIFA 22’s gameplay details.

Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer we got this time was a condensed version of the breakdown we got last week. More information on how Hypermotion helps FIFA 22’s gameplay be more authentic and realistic. EA calls Hypermotion and machine learning “the biggest animation refresh in FIFA history”, with 4000 new animations added to the game.

While Hypermotion is the groundwork of the gameplay, machine learning helps individual players have more control on the pitch. EA says machine learning translates “8.7 million frames of match capture data into responsive animation”. This is all thanks to 11v11 motion capture that has fueled Hypermotion and machine learning.

Gameplay Patch Notes

Electronic Arts has detailed its full FIFA 22 gameplay changes in patch notes that can found on their website. Most of it is detailing things that have been mentioned such as player humanization, air battles, and tactical AI. However, there is a few things detailed in the patch notes that are new.

Deeper match analysis is a feature that details more of the action on the pitch. The revamped deeper analysis screen breaks into six sections for a better look at of the action on the pitch.

FIFA 22's Deeper Match Analysis“With a complete revamp of the Match Facts and Player Performance screens, you are now equipped with more match data to help you better understand how you and your players, as well as your opponents, are performing.”

This new feature also includes an all-new play performance screen that details individual player stats. This screen provides the same info, but just what is relevant to the player. More is explained on FIFA 22’s gameplay in the patch notes but what is clear with this new trailer is that this has potential to be the most ambitions FIFA to date.

Let us know what you guys think about the details on FIFA 22’s gameplay in comments. If you want more news on FIFA 22 make sure you keep it locked here on Sports Gamers Online.

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