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FIFA 22 Available on EA Play

Due to the impending release of FIFA 23, Electronic Arts has added FIFA 22 to the EA Play Library. FIFA 22 is now available for download at no extra cost for anyone with an EA Play subscription. If you do not have an EA Play subscription, you can sign up here. It is already available on Game Pass. You can play it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

EA Play members can play FIFA 22 today and score monthly in-game rewards. 

FIFA 22 Coming to EA Play

HyperMotion makes moving Smoother

For anyone new to the FIFA franchise, FIFA 22 is a decent start. In our review of FIFA 22, we gave it a 7/10. For starters, FIFA 22’s HyperMotion lays the groundwork for the franchise in the new generation. HyperMotion allows for more accurate movement in FIFA games. After we peel away layers of wasted movements, a brilliant core engine comes to light. HyperMotion excels. This new technology marks a new era for FIFA’s gameplay, and it most likely will be the same for EA Sports FC.

Career Mode Improvements

Player Career has finally received some improvements after years of neglect by EA. This year, the new manager rating system allows players to go from a bench player to the starting eleven. You achieve this through RPG-style objectives. The objectives get progressively harder depending on your player’s overall and current club.

Let us know if you are picking up FIFA 22 now that it is free on EA Play. Want to talk sports and/or games with the fastest-growing community in gaming? Join the conversation by joining us on Discord, and check out our Twitter and Facebook pages as well as our growing YouTube Channel!

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