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FIFA 18 FUT Legends coming to PS4?

FIFA 18 has just been announced to the world. The world’s best, Cristiano Ronaldo is finally on the cover. It’s surprising it has taken this long for the Real Madrid Superstar to make it onto the cover of FIFA. It was a very fitting time too, with Real Madrid winning the Champions League last Saturday. Ronaldo scored twice bringing his total career goals to a staggering 600.

Interesting enough, on the teaser trailer, for the first time in years, the PS4 was marketed, not the Xbox One. This must now mean that the contract with EA and Microsoft for FIFA is up. In FUT previously, Legends which are former players who no longer play soccer could be obtained in FUT. These legends were only available on Xbox platforms. It seemed to me that with the PS4 being marketed in the trailer that this can only mean that legends are coming to PS4.

Well EA has just hinted something else that quite possibly confirms this. @EASPORTSFIFA have just tweeted an image with the Brazilian retired legend Ronaldo on there with the caption, “Icons are on Playstation and Xbox!”

Legends have not officially been confirmed by EA as of yet, but I expect it to be fully confirmed in the coming days.

Expect much more info on this and more info on FIFA 18 during E3 and EA play which SportsGamersOnline will be there covering!

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