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PES 18 Follows Top Athlete Ratings Trend

PES 18 Top 5

The holiday season is closing in and many games in the sports field are prepping for launch day. Per usual, the developers have been releasing small bits of information leading up the release of their title. One of the big things this year is the release of roster ratings within the game. Games like NBA 2K18 and Madden 18 have revealed top ratings for multiple positions and now Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 18, follows suit.

PES 18 Follows Top Ratings Trend

Via their official PES Twitter, Konami revealed an image showcasing the top five goalkeepers in PES 18. You can check out the tweet below and see who made top five.



PES 18 GoalkeepersAnother cool thing to note, if you look at the bottom of the image, it says that player facial features will be updated throughout the season via data packs.

Konami recently followed the top five with the top 20 goalkeepers. You can check who made the cut by following the link here.

In addition, make sure to brush up on the top 20 speedsters in PES 18.

Be sure to check out the PES 18 David Beckham trailer as well as our PES 18 demo.

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