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PES 2019 E3 Hands On Demo And Interview

If you missed the details for Konami’s PES 19, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Like last year, we at Sports Gamers Online got to go hands on with the latest Pro Evolution Soccer after a brief presentation.

PES 19 Hands On Demo

Along with the demo, we were able to chat with European PES Brand Manager, Lennart Bobzien about the game. Although the game was not in its final build, it played incredibly well. You can check out the highlights from our conversation with Lennart Bobzien and the demo presentation on PES 19 below.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 at E3

PES 19’s development has been driven by a few crucial pillars this year. One of which is bringing the very best to PES’s visuals. Konami stated the game focuses on current gen improvements. That means PES 19 will support 4K HDR. In addition, the game will have real time shadows and lights. Shadows and sun rays will change positioning throughout the course of the game as the time of day changes. Furthermore, we will see the return of snow this year as well.

I caught up with Bobzien to ask If weather patterns will be on a cycle this year, allowing a cold day to turn into a snowy day mid game? Bobzien expressed that it was something they’d certainly like to do; however, the feature is still young and may not make it that far in this iteration.

On The Field…

Of course these visual enhancements will reflect in the game models as well. The demo showcased one of the fully 3D scanned stadiums and character model of 2018 David Beckham. From facial hair to tattoo details, PES 19 promises a whole new visual experience; however, it doesn’t stop there.

Konami has planned new contextual mechanics to add a deeper layer of fidelity. “Fuerza,” their ball physics system, has been revamped. The new system has several new contextual animations leading to the First Touch Impact system. This will add more uniqueness to individual ball trapping based on several player traits. To that same effect, new animations and quirks have been added to provide authentic player individuality. This also include some specialized gear like Beckham’s Adidas apparel.

Not only does PES 19 promise to look good, it hopes to play well too. A big feature this year is visible player fatigue. Players will wear down over time and subsequently fall  susceptible to injuries. You’ll want to make use of the new Quick-Sub feature to keep your guys from being hurt.

Will the returning snow weather pattern have an affect on player fatigue? To this, Bobzien noted that the new visible fatigue is geared towards providing feedback into how long the player has been on the field and how much energy they’ve exerted. Snow, like rain, will have an affect on gameplay in relation to things like ball physics. For now, the two entities seem to share no obvious relation.

Nonetheless, all this and much more will be added into the game to allow players to have their own magic moments on the field.

Looking Towards Launch

Konami concluded the presentation with details you can expect as we move closer to launch. In addition to having a record number of licensed clubs and legends in the series’ history, PES 19 will be available in a David Beckham Edition. This edition will come with a 2018 version of David Beckham, tattoos and gear included. PES 19 will also include the ICC as well as exclusively feature the Russian Premier League.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 looks to make huge impact. This year will also include a MyClub overhaul. PES will also be conducting a press tour that will run through the beginning of the PES League on July 21 revealing more details like newly licensed Legends.

I ended my chat with Bobzien by asking “What he felt would be the most exciting feature for fans in PES 19?” Bobzien did emphasize the importance of the game’s realistic feel and layers authenticity Konami has been striving for. He felt that the new licenses is what will get fans excited the most.

Be sure to pick up your copy when it launches August 28 in North America and August 30 worldwide.

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