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Volta Football in FIFA 22

Volta Football Returns to FIFA 22

Over the last couple of weeks Electronic Arts has detailed info about FIFA 22 in its deep dive patch notes. These patch notes have showed off improvements to FIFA’s popular modes like Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

Today, we get the return of Volta Football; with this being the third year Volta has been included into EA’s football title, Volta is getting its biggest improvement yet.

Volta Football Gameplay Changes

Volta Football introduces a new skill meter that rewards players for pulling off skill moves in matches. This is similar to EA Big’s “gamebreaker” mechanic; however, instead of your player getting a boost, players will gain more points towards scoring a goal. EA hopes this feature encourages players to use more skill moves to get goals and prioritize flair to reward players.

Electronic Arts is looking to make each player more unique with the introduction to signature abilities. These new abilities aim to “to ratchet up the excitement and tension of gameplay, and to give you more agency and control over how you influence the game”. When creating a new player in Volta, you will have three abilities to choose from, power strike, pure pace, and aggressive tackle. These signature abilities will have a cooldown meter and will slowly build overtime.

While Volta offers new gameplay changes, other improvements have also been made to the fundamentals, two player celebrations, and the skill tree.

Volta Arcade

Volta arcade brings more mini games to the mode. Players earn FIFA coins and Volta season XP while participating in this mode on the weekends. The mode brings eight new games to Volta: dodgeball, foot tennis, disco lava, quick strike, team keep away, target gallery and corner scramble. These games will be on the weekend only and will feature tournaments.

Volta seasons in FIFA 22

Volta Seasons

Volta Football will now include seasons; this is a new approach to release new content for the mode through out the year. Seasons will update every six weeks, and will feature a bunch of new content including:

  • Gameplay Environments
  • Clothing Collections
  • Progression Unlocks
  • Weekly Objectives
  • VOLTA SEASONS Lobby Environment

Volta Football is shaping up to have a busy year with many updates still on the way. With these new additions, avid fans of Volta have a lot to dig their teeth into while casuals fans have somewhere to take a break from other modes in FIFA 22. You can check out the full Volta Football patch notes on EA’s website here.

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