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The 7 Best Sports Games for PS4


Since the PlayStation 4 was launched in 2013, we have seen the release of some truly amazing sports games. But which are the very best? Here is our pick of the top seven.

EA Sports UFC 4

If you like playing mixed martial arts fighting games, EA Sports UFC43 is as good as it gets on PS4. The graphics and attention to detail are outstanding, and the moves expertly reflect the bone-crunching physics of real-life Fight Nights. The Career Mode helps elevate the game even more, as you get to follow a fighter through the rising stages of his or her weight class.



For instance, thanks to the engine’s advanced artificial intelligence, the players react more like actual real-life humans. Their movement is more realistic, and so are their emotions. You can visibly see players become anxious when there are only minutes left on the clock, and the team needs to score one more goal to win. The crowd and the weather conditions are also more realistic, making you feel as though you are actually at the stadium. If you like to bet on your favorite team, check out the betting odds at Casumo for upcoming games as the new season approaches.

NBA 2K20

Basketball simulations do not get much better on PS4 than NBA 2K20. There is a huge amount of content contained in the game, from managing entire franchises to building an unbeatable customized squad. With stunning presentation, superb on-court action, and real-life customized players and teams, you will have fun playing the twenty-first installment in the NBA 2K series of games for hours on end.

Mutant Football League

If you are a fan of both football and mutants, this is the game for you! The fun, over-the-top, and rather violent game puts an apocalyptic slant on the game of football, where quarterbacks can literally be slaughtered. Drawing inspiration from the original game of the same name, the PS4 edition features teams made up of Skeletal Deadheads, Hell-Spawned Demons, Criminal Aliens, Rampaging Werewolves, and plenty of other monstrous mutants.

Madden NFL 21

The latest installment in the popular long-running Madden NFL series might not be one the best in the series but still feature great visuals and minor gameplay refinements. The game also includes a new mode known as The Yard, the newest way to experience backyard football in Madden NFL 21. The Yard brings an arcade-style 6 on 6 gameplay that fans have been requesting. Built to bring backyard fun to Madden – where you can pick up a ball, be anyone, line up anywhere, and play both sides of the ball.

MLB The Show 20

The newly-released fifteenth installment of the MLB: The Show franchise is one of the best in the series. Based on Major League Baseball, this massive simulation contains some of the most refined gameplay seen in any PS4 sports game, and it has loads of options and features, such as the Diamond Dynasty card-collecting mode and the March to October feature which helpfully truncates a whole season into bite size chunks. Also, for the first time ever, Minor League Baseball players’ names and likenesses are licensed to appear in MLB The Show 20.

Gran Turismo Sport

The thirteenth game in the immensely popular Gran Turismo series is notable for its main focus of competitive online racing, which is supported by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile and serves as the platform for its Gran Turismo Championships. By focusing on e-sports, the racing game genre has been taken to the next level. The online races feel both competitive and realistic, and qualifying for events is sure to give any player a real buzz. Gran Turismo Sport began with 29 circuits and 168 cars. Today, those figures have increased to 82 track configurations and 324 different cars.

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