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UFC 4 Patch 2.02 Released, Details Inside

EA Sports UFC 4 Patch

One week after its launch, EA Sports UFC 4 has received a new patch. A pretty lengthy set of updates in total, Patch 2.02 features a number of changes including takedown defense and a tuning of body strike damage.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our full review of the latest UFC game from EA Sports.

UFC 4 Patch 2.02

Patch Notes via EA Sports:

  1. Fixed issues that could prevent denying takedowns while moving or striking

    • Previously, if a user held the movement input for too long (even for only one frame) after they had already pressed low block to deny a takedown, it would count as an attempt to deny a takedown turn that had not happened yet and would result in a successful takedown for their opponent. This only occurred in cases of “late” (partial) denials, including some cases where the fighters hadn’t made contact yet.

    • Previously, pressing striking modifier buttons, such as for throwing hooks or overhands, could cause them to be interpreted as an attempt to apply a reversal to a takedown that had already started. A denial attempt made after that would then count as a late reversal attempt and, therefore, fail.

    • Those two issues were affecting all shooting takedowns, including the power takedowns. The fix will help users deny more driving and late denials on takedowns.

  2. Fixed an issue with Imanari Roll being available in ‘Stand and Bang’ and KO modes

  3. Fixed exploit with Cage Back Clinch drives

  4. Fixed an issue with Von Flue Choke stamina

    • The stamina for the attacker and defender was swapped and the fighter with less stamina had the advantage.

  5. Tuned Marathoner Perk

    • The effect of perk is drastically reduced. This was a major component of some of the issues with stamina being reported by the community.

  6. Tuned Cage Guillotine chain progress

    • The Cage Guillotine was granting too much progress to the attacker when they hit the chain. We reduced the amount of progress granted by that chain to be a similar amount to the other chains. The team is still investigating changes to balance as it relates to the Standing Guillotine.

  7. AI Improvements

    • In guard and half guard, AIs will now avoid striking with the hand holding the opponent’s head down.

    • Reduced AI clinch frequency

  8. Tuned Side Control strike damage

    • Significantly reduced damage of all strikes from Dominant Side Control.

  9. Tuned Body strike damage

    • Slightly Increased base damage of body jabs, straights, hooks, and uppercuts.

    • The damage is proportional to the stamina drain and the stamina cost so this change indirectly impacts the stamina drain for your opponent and the cost of throwing these strikes.

    • Landing a body shot is always a net positive for the attacker, but be careful not to miss as the increased cost will punish missed strikes more.

  10. Updated moves and perks for some fighters

    • Gaethje moveset updates

    • Sandhagen moveset updates

    • Amanda Nunes moveset updates

    • Germaine de Randamie moveset updates

    • Paulo Costa moveset updates

    • Ronda Rousey moveset updates

    • Valentina Shevchenko moveset updates

    • Johnny Walker moveset updates

    • Dan Hooker moveset updates

    • Eddie Alvarez moveset updates

    • John Lineker moveset updates

  11. Updated Archetype movesets

    • Added Imanari and osotogari to Archetypes Shark and Vanguard

    • Added osotogari to Engine

  12. Updated fighter records based off of recent events that took place before Aug 14th

  13. Updated Kimbo Slice’s grappling ratings

What do you think of the patch updates for UFC 4? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more.

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