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AEW EVP Cody Rhodes Gives Update on Potential Video Game

There’s been quite a bit of news that has come out over the past few weeks regarding the wrestling video game genre, and it’s not just been limited to WWE games. In an interview on the B/R app this week, AEW’s Cody Rhodes was asked about a potential video game in the future, and his answer shed some light on if and when we could see one.

Cody Rhodes on New AEW Game

Rhodes, in a AMA on the Bleacher Report app this week, was asked about whether gamers and wrestling fans could expect an AEW video game in the future. Rhodes responded by giving a “honest update”, stating that one is in the works, but it will take time before we get to a release.

Rhodes stated, “I’ll give the honest update: the AEW video game will be something all fans know about as we begin the process and as we move forward. If we were to make a very good game, which is our intention, it’s going to take time.” He added, “Game development is arduous, it’s a very creative space, and we want to do it right. We will keep people updated, it won’t come as a surprise, we want them to take the journey with us. Be extra patient so we can deliver.”

With no WWE 2K game reportedly planned for 2020, there certainly is an opportunity for AEW to capitalize and give wrestling fans and gamers a simulation experience in liue of no WWE game. However, while Rhodes didn’t specifically state that we wouldn’t see an AEW game in 2020, it doesn’t sound like we will see one sometime in the next eight months.

We will have more updates on any news regarding a potential AEW game once we receive word.    


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