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WWE 2K Battlegrounds Game Modes Revealed

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

WWE 2K Battlegrounds expects to launch this September 18. After a few sporadic roster reveals over social media, we now have a reveal for game modes available at launch.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds game modes details

In a short video, Paul Heyman announced five game modes. You can check out the reveal trailer and details below.

In Campaign mode, players throw down in a single-player story mode told via a comic book. Over the course of the campaign, players add to their stable of Superstars to overcome a series of challenges. The mode sees you team up with Paul Heyman and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to travel the globe in search of new Superstars for an all-new WWE brand. Play as one of the seven newly created Superstars like Bolo Reynolds and Jessica Johnson, while traveling across several regions to battle WWE Superstars in attempts to achieve campaign goals, unlock various Superstars, power-ups, and more!

As with other wrestling games, there is an Exhibition mode that includes the following matches:

  • One-on-One
  • Tag Team
  • Triple Threat
  • Fatal Four Way
  • Steel Cage Match
  • Royal Rumble

Other modes includes King of the Battleground, Online Tournament, and Battleground Challenge. In ‘King of the Battleground’, players brawl to become the wrestler standing as up to 8 online players try to fling one-another out of the arena. The longer you stay in the arena, the higher your score climbs.

In Online Tournament, player compete online for rewards in a variety of time-limited tournaments featuring a wide range of win conditions. Lastly, Battleground Challenge allows players create their own WWE Superstar and overcome all the odds stacked against them.

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