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WWE 2K18 Creation Suite Details Leaked (Updated!)

Ahead of it’s normal schedule, it look as if the WWE 2K18 2KDev Spotlight Series episode 7 surfaced early on YouTube thanks to The WWE Guy. In the longest episode yet, Lynell Jinks covers the new additions coming in the creation suite. In addition, the video shows every new move in sped up time.

[Update] The official episode 7 has now been released by WWE 2K so you can watch above or on YouTube.

WWE 2K18 Creation Suite Details

Understand it is a leak, thus the video isn’t high quality but the information is there. Creative Director, Lynell Jinks, claims this year WWE 2K18 gives you more options than ever to get creative. This year, there’s a larger variety of face templates that represent various ethnicities. This includes male and female models.

The body template formula from last year does return. However, in WWE 2K18, each body template and piece has sliders to further morph and define your superstar.

Hair-styles get more options this year as well. In addition to new styles, players will have the ability to choose scalp design.

Body scars can now be moved all over the body allowing you to place them exactly how you want. Body art now has emboss and transparency options. This allows for a branding effect on the skin. Also, WWE 2K18 allows you to customize your dental work. You can remove any select number of teeth as well change the color and material.

Speaking of materials, there has been additional material types added to this year including glow and glittery. Materials aren’t just limited to clothing either. You can now apply them to hair, body art and logos.

Logos still feather at the edges if they stretch too far. However, in WWE 2K18, you can now switch the stretch mode and wrap the logo completely around the part. The stitch pattern maker has also been revamped. This year, you create the stitching to your liking, save it and then place it like a logo.

With all the new materials and lighting in the game, the creation suite has a preview option that now lets you view your materials and colors under different lighting scenarios found in the game.

There’s more.

The options don’t stop there. WWE 2K18 allows for greater control over the menu poses. You can choose your base pose as before. However, now you can choose your hand posing and face expression to further customize your pose. In addition, you can now use your entrance attire in your menu pose. About time.

WWE 2K18 8-bit
8-Bit Filter

Arena creation gets some love too. This year has much smaller venues that resemble the indies and WWE Live shows. There’s also an 8-bit filter if you’re feeling nostalgic.

The highlight reel has also had some improvements. More camera angles and a free camera have been added. You can remove layers like the crowd and referee as well.

Jinks briefly touches on custom matches. It seems like there isn’t a lot of options there but it’s certainly better than nothing. The final half of the video is dedicated to covering all the new moves in WWE 2K18.

2K’s latest WWE franchise installment is set to launch October 17 for Xbox One and PS4. Want to talk sports and/or games with the fastest growing community in gaming? Join the conversation in the comment section below as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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