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WWE 2K18 Possibly Broken?

WWE 2K18 Glitches

If you got your hands on WWE 2K18 Deluxe or Collector’s Edition for consoles then you had access to the game four days early. During the early access, you may have found several cool additions this year. In contrast, many may have run into a couple of glaring problems in a lot WWE 2K18′s newest features. A recent post on NeoGAF may show that this year’s game is possibly the most broken yet.

A Broken WWE 2K18 Experience

Hasney’s post on NeoGAF covers various portions of the game, from online to general gameplay. His list covers the newer modes as well including several aspects of the new MyCareer.

In general gameplay, there have been collision issues with objects and barricades. While this isn’t new to the series, it seems like the new engine does this more often. In addition, superstars may suffer severe warping. Models may become sporadic in cutscenes and victory scenes for gimmick matches.

The article notes issues with some of the newer table finishers. For example, some, like fisherman suplex 6, simply don’t break the table. This will then lead to warping and other collision issues down the line. This also seems to be the case for some spots like Hell in the Cell ceiling breaks.

In fact, Hasney has an entire YouTube playlist showing some of the glitches he’s managed to run into. Furthermore, he describes a host of issues concerning MyPlayer based modes. Side quests often don’t align with the contextual story being told. He’s listed numerous record-keeping bugs in the modes as well. These bugs result in incorrect tag partners, allies and rivals being reset as well as match card continuity.

The Verdict

No doubt these raise questions over the integrity of WWE 2K18 as a whole. While alarming, as of now, the issues haven’t been widespread. As a participant in the early access, I have not run into any of these. However, the game is already at version 1.02. Some of these may have already been addressed. Perhaps not.

Either way, stay tuned for our Sports Gamers Online game review of WWE 2K18. We definitely will address these glitches and bugs in full if they continue.

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