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WWE 2K19 Highlights And 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing

WE 2K19 Why You Should Play

WWE 2K19 has been available for just about two weeks now. You can check out our review of the game on YouTube. In our review, we rated the game surprisingly high as WWE 2K19 goes to great lengths to put on quite the show this year. If you haven’t picked up the game yet and want to know what the fuss is about, here are ten reasons you should be playing WWE 2K19.

10 Reasons You Should Be Playing WWE 2K19

Robust Roster

It’s true. Tommasso Ciampa and Nikki Cross did not make it into the game. This is not due to developer laziness as there are several factors that go into using a character’s likeness in-game. While we couldn’t not get a response from 2K on the details, we do know that in spite of it all, WWE 2K19 still touts a very large roster. Even with a few duplicates for historical reasons, the game still features over 250 superstars. If you choose to pass due to the missing superstars, you’re only missing out. For all platforms you can find downloads for those missing characters in the Community Creations ready to go.

Creation Suite

As with every WWE game, the creation options do not disappoint. While the suite has lacked some innovation in a few installments, WWE 2K19 adds some much needed ‘Quality of Life’ elements to the mode. Simple things like mirroring facial features and clothing items helps streamline the creation process. In addition, there are new parts to use. And for those who nitpick, there’s also a few knee pads that can go over boots. 2K also added creating a MITB briefcase and championship side plates, all usable in the Universe Mode as well.

Move Selling

A big part of professional wrestling is making the unbelievable believable. 2K added in contextual animations this year. Due to this, you’ll see superstars sell moves based on contextual information that just might surprise you. These new animations enable superstars to sell strikes, counters and slams in more than just one way. You may knife edge chop someone and knock them down while the second or third time only staggers them briefly. It’s simple but a huge step in the right direction for general gameplay.

Attention to Detail

Like last year, a host of small things made it into the game that wasn’t necessarily advertised. The same goes for WWE 2K19. As you play, you’ll notice little things that generate a much better WWE experience. This includes things like the game recognizing which two Undisputed Era members are tagging and adjusting the entrance as such. Examples of this range from general gameplay to Universe Mode and beyond. It’ll be hard to list them all; the best way is to simply play and experience them.

Multi-Man Matches

WWE 2K19 breaks another barrier by finally allowing eight men to occupy the ring at once. Not only that, the game finally addresses the issue with performance in those matches. Those even playing on a first generation Xbox One have noticed increases in performance over last year’s game. Last but certainly not least, 2K has revived the Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match that has been absent since Smackdown vs Raw 2007.

All New Moves

No matter what type of combat you partake in, the amount of toys you have to deal damage becomes very important. WWE 2K19 has loads of new moves. You’ll see most of them covered in our showcase series that will cover strikes, grapples, and more. Not only are there new moves, many of the old ones have been sped up and given better sound effects to simulate greater impact. Thanks to all the new moves, superstars play significantly different and will change the pacing of the match depending on the participants.

Tweaks & Touch Ups

Piggybacking off the last reason, the game features lots of tweaks to general gameplay and mechanics. Abilities like ‘Ring Escape’ can no longer be spammed without sacrificing a reversal and accruing a debuff. The new payback system allows players to strategically cheat and instantly spring to their feet among other methods for turning the tide of the match. These items can be changed on the fly from the match up screen. All the changes will require players to master new tools to control the ring.


Any fan of professional wrestling will tell you there are some things that are just too hard to explain. For the first time in a long time, 2K embraces the sillier side of professional wrestling for the MyCAREER mode. While the mode in its entirety isn’t one big comedy act, the narrative does follow what one could expect from WWE television programming. Wrestling has always been unique in that it requires a willing suspension of disbelief and often blurs the lines between reality, reality TV and just pure fantasy. This can have both good and adverse effects; however, 2K finally embracing it for one of its larger modes is a huge plus.

Universe Mode

A mode that has laid stagnant for over three iterations finally gets a breath of new life. The Universe Mode in WWE 2K19 gives players the freedoms they deserve outright in the name of controlling their own wrestling universe. Choosing who wins a simulation, changing superstars mid-match, and controlling what matches are held on Pay Per View events are just a few of many freedoms the Universe Mode allows players to control this year. It may take a few sessions to get all the options just right, but all the changes have so far been for the better.

Game Modes & Gameplay

These two go hand-in-hand and make up the core experience of WWE 2K19. 2K added much to do in the game and seems to have given it genuine longevity. You have MyCAREER, 2K Towers, Universe Mode, Showcase and loads of things to customize. You can play it the WWE way or scrap everything and tune your game to play like a series of indie events. In WWE 2K19, it is all up to you and every mode is bundled with changes to gameplay that will often surprise you and make for some memorable moments.

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