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WWE 2K17: Creation Suite

New features and options have been added to the Creation Suite in WWE 2K17: the customization mode that allows players to create their own superstars, move-sets, arenas, entrances, victory celebrations, and events.

For Create-a-Superstar, new body hair functionality has been added to compliment several new hairstyles and facial hair styles. Skin effects like wrinkles, blemishes, scars, burn marks, and bags under the eyes are also available. Even teeth are customizable. Players can color their superstar’s teeth, transform them into fangs, or remove them entirely.

Players can also customize Championship belts with textures like metal, wood, and reptile skin. These materials have 3D depth.

The Highlight Reel has returned to WWE 2K17. Players can pause the game at any time and review the footage of match action. Players can also choose camera angles, clip out footage, export footage as a video, and play it back in slow motion.

Brock Lesnar

Highlight Reel videos can be posted online and incorporated into Titantron videos and Create-a-Show opening videos. Players can cut together in-ring footage, add in new animated logos and backgrounds, and choose from an extensive music selection when creating these videos.

Create-a-Show includes new visual filters like Black and White, Sepia, and Bad VHS—a filter that recreates the feel of old sports tapes.

Players can select referee clothing options and audio commentary styles as well.

For Create-an-Arena, turnbuckle pads can now be changed to different individual colors.

It looks like there are tons of customization options for players to sink their teeth into. What do you guys think of the changes to the Creation Suite? Let us know in the comments section or through social media.

WWE 2K17 is coming October 11, and SGO has you covered for all your WWE news and updates.

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