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WWE 2K18 Gets New 1.03 Patch

WWE 2K18 Patch 103

WWE 2K18 officially launched worldwide less than two weeks ago. While the reviews and opinions on the game are incredibly mixed, no one can dispute it has major bugs. Some bugs are consistent enough to crash the game every singe time.

2K has finally lead the charge to begin addressing those issues. October 27 marked the release of patch 1.03. Although it does not fix everything, many game breaking glitches and bugs have been addressed.

Unfortunately, the patch is not yet available for all platforms. Currently, the patch is available for the PlayStation family. Xbox and PC users will have to sit tight until further notice.

WWE 2K18 1.03 Patch Notes

Create A Video / Highlight Reel

  • Added back the ability to choose from Cutscenes using the following: Entrance; Promo; Universe/Career. From these sub options you can choose the cast for the video.
  • Fixed an issue where applying a filter on top of a video clip would make the editing options for that video clip become unresponsive (being unable to edit or delete the clip).


  • Addressed an issue where the referee fails to count pin falls or disqualifications in 8-man matches when entrances are enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the referee doesn’t count the pin in Tag Team matches when entrances are enabled.
  • Fixed the issue where the AI would climp the ropes, execute a Wake Up Taunt, but then not execute Diving moves.
  • Also fixed an issue with the AI not using the Resiliency ability and adjusted effectiveness of the Pin Escape attribute
  • Made it to where commentators can now call the “Hot Tag” correctly in Tag Team matches
  • Fixed issues with some moves not connecting properly, including Gargano’s Corner Superkick, Sick Kick Combo, and Noam Dar’s Running Enzuigiri.

WWE Universe Mode

  • You can now add Women to stables in WWE Universe Mode
  • Patched fatal crashes when starting a Promo in Universe.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when starting a user-created Self-Promotion Promo.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed rivalries to occur between Superstars of different genders
  • Addressed not being able to select the “No Mercy” PPV theme when customizing a PPV.
  • Fixed Royal Rumble winners being booked into title matches for the World Title of both co-hosting shows at WrestleMania.
  • Addressed some cases where rivalries would break and lead to continuous One-on-One and Two-on-Two matches between the rivals (note: this patch will not retroactively fix a broken rivalry).
  • Fixed cutscenes where the wrong Superstars are shown, or where Superstars are swapped.
  • Reduced chances of Falls Count Anywhere matches being booked on Major Shows.
  • Increased chances of rivalries occurring that involve a champion; this should lead to more title matches occurring overall.
  • The Duration of naturally-occurring rivalries will now vary.
    • Non-title rivalries will be randomized between Short and Medium durations.
    • Title rivalries will be randomized between Medium and Long durations.

Road to Glory Fixes

  • Fixed issue where a MyPLAYER’s qualification progress was reset in bad networking situations in Road to Glory.
  • Fixed issue with PSN wait time and matchmaking times in Road to Glory.


  • Fixed issue where Victory Scenes wouldn’t work correctly when superstars had Alternative Attires
  • Fixed issue where Cesaro & Sheamus wouldn’t enter together with their Tag Entrance when using Alternative Attires
  • It is now possible to add a mask to Primo and Epico when editing a WWE Superstar.
  • Fixed issue where player’s Incoming Logos from Community Creations would not get removed from the server after being downloaded by the player.
  • The “Hell’s Gate 2” move that was accidentally removed has now been added back to the game.
  • More miscellaneous fixes.

In addition to the general fixes and improvements, 2K also added the NXT DLC pack entrance content to the game. As of the current PS4 patch release, this content has been confirmed. Speculation says its an accident. However, it could be a token of gratitude from 2K for those who have been patiently awaiting a patch release.

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