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Xbox 20/20 Series To Launch This Month

Xbox Series X

With the impending release of the Xbox Series X in the coming months, Microsoft announced today it will be launching a new ‘Xbox 20/20’ series highlighting the latest happenings.

Microsoft Xbox 20/20 Series

With everything that is going on in the world, Microsoft CVP of Gaming Marketing Jerred West stated today that Xbox wants to share the excitement that can be felt during gaming’s biggest moments.

And to start, the Xbox team wanted to let gamers know about what is currently going on in the Xbox world:

  • Xbox’s goal is to launch Halo Infinite and Xbox Series X in 2020
  • All 15 Xbox Game Studios are currently working on next-gen games for Series X and Game Pass
  • Development teams working on having next-gen games available on the Series X
  • Work is underway to have some of Xbox’s biggest titles (Microsoft Flight Simulator, Halo Infinite, Wasteland 3, Minecraft Dungeons) available at launch for Xbox Game Pass for PC
  • New updates and titles lined up for Xbox Game Pass for console and PC
  • Project xCloud will expand and will be available in new countries and new devices

In addition, the Xbox team also announced the launch of the ‘Xbox 20/20’ series. The new series will launch on May 7 during the episode of ‘Inside Xbox’, and will showcase to gamers what is happening in the world of Xbox.

For this month, West stated that ‘Xbox 20/20’ will focus on giving gamers a look at new next-gen gameplay, trailers and sneak peeks from developers around the world. The series can be seen at 11 AM EST on May 7 and will be broadcast on Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



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