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eSports Boxing Club Release Window Update

Recent eSports Boxing Club silence has been broken as they just shared some major release window updates about the much-anticipated game. In the gameplay walkthrough and dev update, the team showcased what has been worked on since its appearance at E3 2021.

eSports Boxing Club Early-Access Canceled

ESBC early-access was targeted for a Summer 2021 release and a full release in Winter 2021. Since then things have been quiet leading fans to wonder if the early access would be delayed. Now, we have our answer. The Summer 2021 early access will not happen. However, the team explained why this was necessary.

ESBC has recently received some big investments to fine-tune the game. Though unexpected, the team remains steadfast in delivering a scintillating boxing experience. Because of the massive expansion of the game, roster, and rising expectations, the team felt it necessary to not only do the game justice but to take some additional time fine-tuning boxers featured in the game as well. 

The team iterated that rushing the game will only hurt its success. Though some fans will be hurt by that, the team reassured the community the game is still coming. It’s been 10 years since the last boxing title was released and ESBC does not want to release an unfinished title.

From Release Window to Release Date

Fortunately, this announcement of a delay is not all bad. The team announced  the next announcement of a regarding release will not be a window but a launch date. The ESBC team reiterated that delivering a great boxing game is why the studios were founded. The developers went on to say the team won’t rush for “short-term success.”

Though some fans are disappointed, some are pleased about the progress the game has made. Only time will tell if the delay will be beneficial to the game’s development. Given recent triple A launches, its safe to say taking time with development is always a step in the right direction.

ESBC still remains a much-anticipated game. Let us know down below how you feel about the game’s delay. Does this hurt your excitement or amp it up a bit?

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