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Madden 15 Correctly Predicts Super Bowl XLIX

Madden NFL 15 correctly predicted Super Bowl XLIX as the Patriot in fact win 28-24 in come behind fashion. The EA Sports official simulation predicted a New England 28-24 victory and was correct in it’s prediction after Malcolm Butler’s game-saving interception.

Not only did Madden NFL 15 predict a New England win, they also predicted how the Patriots came back to win. It had the Patriots trailing 24-14 in the third quarter, and also had the game-winning touchdown pass becoming thrown from Tom Brady’s to Julian Edelman.

The game also properly predicted all of New England’s touchdowns coming off of Brady touchdown passes. The official Madden Simulation has an all-time record of 9-3 in Super Bowl predictions now. Madden 15 is truly a simulation of the NFL, it’s only a matter of time before the bookies start to take notice.

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