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Madden 21 Gridiron Notes Tackles Beta Feedback

Madden NFL 21

Madden 21 released their latest Gridiron notes which includes information from the closed beta. The blog includes gamers’ feedback from playing the beta as well as discusses changes coming to gameplay.

Madden 21 Beta Gameplay Additional Features

Those who played the Madden 21 closed beta saw some of the new gameplay features. The celebration run mechanic will remain a one-button mechanic as players will use the LT/L2. Precision Modifier is no longer needed as ball carriers can steer naturally with the left stick input.

Pressing LB/L1 activates DB Lock-On for your user-controlled player and RB/R1 showcases the Defensive Keys menu. When players hold on to the LB/L1 button, the lock-on mechanic allows user-controlled players to lock on in man coverage. Ball carrier archetype run styles come in the form of the stick system.

Top Feedback From Players

The Gridiron Notes added feedback from gamers who played the closed beta. Gamers said that defenses felt slower and sluggish, but Madden has no plans of changing it unless there are bugs. The hurdle button will go back to the Y/triangle button and trucking will return to the R3/right stick. Bugs involving players not reacting to the ball when thrown or dropping interceptions will be fixed by the time the game launches.

To no surprise to the developers, zone coverage was an issue for players as they will work on improving it by launch time. The player switching logic will return to how it was in Madden 20 after they got negative comments from players. Developers added the film study ability to see how players felt about it and plan on adding it later in a Madden update.

Players criticized how quarterbacks were penalized for scrambling which will be decreased before the launch. Developers will be tuning the AI pass rushing as players felt they weren’t as effective as if they were controlled by the user. Strip sacks can’t happen in the pocket now unless they have the X-Factor ability as players found it unfair. When throw power hits its max with the quarterback, they will no longer face penalties with accuracy on throws.

Top Bugs Reported

One of the bugs fixed on time for launch is the rainbow-colored arms and pink arm equipment. Some players had incorrect photos on them like Lamar Jackson that have been fixed. Visors on helmets were not put on correctly, but has been resolved to fit right. Some gamertags would cover the game clock when players were online. Coach adjustments were reset after every drive and Coverage Depth Adjustment automatically set back to zero.


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