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Rumor: Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Targeting Holiday 2023 Release Date


Speculation among independent industry reporters pegs a Sony PlayStation 5 Pro debut in late 2023. The PS5 Pro is rumored to support 8K gaming and an upgraded AMD graphics processing system. Sony Interactive Entertainment has not officially confirmed.

The unconfirmed Sony PS5 Pro price is rumored to be in the $600-$700 price range. Historically, the PlayStation 4 Pro launched at $399, while Sony priced the PlayStation 4 Slim at $299.

8K gaming would undoubtedly be demanding on the PS5 internal hardware and may justify the increased costs to manufacture. AMD likely has time to develop more powerful and cost-efficient technology before Sony begins to manufacture new PlayStation 5 Pro models. Purely speculating, an improved system on chip from AMD could potentially drive towards a $600 PlayStation 5 Pro. Let’s hope so.

The speculative 8K PS5 Pro would aim to position Sony’s flagship product competitive amongst gaming PCs and PC gamers alike.

Sony PS5 Original Model Updated

The PlayStation 5 Pro rumor follows an actual, recent change to the body of the PlayStation 5, confirmed by Business Insider. The new model is slightly lighter due to a smaller heatsink and features a different quick-release base stand. A lighter model certainly supports lower shipping costs for Sony.

What do you think of the speculation? Have you been able to procure a PlayStation 5?

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