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SGO Inside Drive (10/4/18): UFC 3 Notorious Edition, Upgraded Nintendo Switch and More!

SGO Inside Drive

The first week of October news is still going strong. We’re back with yet another SGO Inside Drive for this week. This time, we take a brief look at news coming from several franchises from EA Sports and surprisingly, some news from Nintendo as well. Keep reading below for quick highlights and links regarding news around the sports gaming communities you should be aware of.

SGO Inside Drive: EA Sports Updates and More

UFC 3 Becomes Notorious

EA Sports has decided to celebrate Conor McGregor’s return to the Octagon with a new UF3 ‘Notorious Edition’. The new edition of the game is time limited and comes with new exclusive cover art. Buyers will also enjoy new fighters, UFC Ultimate Team points and packs as well. You can learn more on


704Games started their week with launching a patch for NASCAR Heat 3. The patch first arrived on Xbox One with the PlayStation 4 version set to arrive within the very same week. Many fixes have been noted for Career Mode followed by access to new features and content. Race over to for full details.

WWE 2K19 Pre-Orders

WWE 2K19 is now in pre-load status. The Deluxe Edition will unlock globally on October 5th at 4AM GMT. For those curious, this translates to:

  • 9PM on the 4th of October on the West Coast (America)
  • Midnight October 5th on the East Coast (America)
  • 5:00 AM on October 5th in the UK
  • 7:00 AM on October 5th in Moscow
  • 1:00 PM on October 5th in Japan
  • 2:00 PM on October 5th in Sydney

If you pre-ordered the Standard Edition, it will unlock on the 9th at 4:00AM GMT. You can see the converted times below:

  • 9PM on the 8th of October on the West Coast (America)
  • Midnight October 9th on the East Coast (America)
  • 5:00 AM on October 9th in the UK
  • 7:00 AM on October 9th in Moscow
  • 1:00 PM on October 9th in Japan
  • 2:00 PM on October 9th in Sydney

NBA Live 19 Discounted

With the NBA season still some weeks away, it looks like EA is trying everything it can to get NBA Live 19 in the hands of players. Through October 16, you can get the game on discount for as low as $24 dollars, if you’re making use of PlayStation Plus. Others can expect to see prices between $40-$30, so be sure to act fast.

New Year, New Switch

According to reports, it looks like Nintendo is planning to upgrade if flagship console. An upgraded Nintendo Switch is speculated to be arriving as early as Summer 2019. The upgrade will follow a path similar to other consoles, bringing a lighter and thinner edition to the market.

Madden 19 Emergency Fix

After the huge October title update for Madden NFL 19, EA Sports quickly addressed some “community identified” bugs. Check out the official post in the forums for more details.

NHL 19 Patch 1.2.0

And the patches keep coming. NHL 19 joins the fray in October bound patches. The list of fixes and adjustments are somewhat lengthy, so you can check it out here.

MLB The Show

MLB The Show 18 gets its first postseason event. They took to Twitter to announce a few of the highlights you expect like Ted Williams and Bob Feller being added to Diamond Dynasty. Be sure to follow up on the tweet and the official blog reveal.

That wraps up today’s SGO Inside Drive. Be sure to stay tuned for more news and announcements.

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