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SGO Inside Drive (4/25/19): Madden Bowl Finalists, Fire Pro Wrestling World And More!

Madden 19 SGO Inside Drive

April is coming to a close, and we’re here with this week’s SGO Inside Drive. If you’re new to the series, keeping reading below for news on sports games you may have missed from the past week. Today’s Drive includes the 16 Madden Bowl finalists, Fire Pro Wrestling World patch notes and more.

SGO Inside Drive 4/25: Madden Bowl & More!

Madden Bowl Finalists Slots Claimed

All 16 competitors have been named for the Madden 19 Bowl bracket. This year features six previous MCS belt winners. Players will gather at the EA Sports’ broadcast center April 25 through 27 for the season finale. The winner this year will take home the title of Madden 19 Champion, a prized MCS belt, and $40,000. The competitors are:

The Madden Bowl will be streaming via the EAMaddenNFL’s Twitch. You can catch the championship game on Twitch and ESPN2 on April 27.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Patch Release Notes

Inside Drive FPWFire Pro Wrestling World has been patched to version 2.07.6. Check out the patch notes below featuring fixes to Fire Promoter and more.

Patch Notes:


  • Fixed issue where application would freeze if host had a communication error after a match.
  • Addressed issue where chat log would sometimes carry over when you changed rooms.
  • Resolved issue where certain wrestler parts would sometimes not display on the wrestler select screen

Fire Promoter

  • Fixed issue where application would crash if you tried adding new wrestlers to existing save data after renaming the SWA promotion.
  •  Addressed issue where, if a promotion went bankrupt, the previous month results for promotions below them on the list would not display properly.


  • Fixed issue where application would sometimes crash when overwriting an edit wrestler with the move Corner European Uppercut.

WWE 2K20 Major Leaks

All over YouTube and social media, you can find rumors and possible leaks for WWE 2K20. Here’s a quick breakdown of some the most recent rumors and leaks thus far:

  • The official announcement expected to be made May 13th, shortly after the company’s earnings call
  • Luke Harper likely to be excluded as he announces departure from the company

According to a supposedly leaked document, the following was said to be details about the game:

  • “The Man” Becky Lynch set to be the cover superstar of WWE 2K20
  • The late Chyna will be a pre-order bonus as the game looks to highlight the rise and evolution of women’s wrestling in its Showcase Mode
  • DX themed collector’s edition
  • Return of GM mode in MyGM
  • Weekly roster reveal to take place August 13th through September 3rd

While these would be great additions to the series, the document that suggested these features turned out to be fake. However, WWE has made a large fuss when it comes to their vast improvements in women’s wrestling. In addition to being in the main event at Wrestlemania, Beck Lynch holds both singles women’s title. She could very well be the next cover star. Furthermore, a showcase mode dedicated to the best women’s wrestling has to offer is not out of the question either.

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