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Destiny: After level 20

Destiny Warlock

In Destiny the game does not really begin until after level 20, you should start completing the daily bounties and do as many as you can. You need to get your reputations to at least level 2 to access armor and level three to access weapons, and bounties are possibly the greatest way to get your reputation up.

Next, you want to start off running Strikes and Crucible games to get your one hundred weekly Vanguard and Crucible Marks. These let you buy assured Legendaries for 65 Marks (boots, gloves, chest) or 120 Marks (Head). Weapons are 150 Marks. By capping each Vanguard and Crucible Marks you can purchase two products this week, and two things next week. Hurrah in less than 14 days you can have a total set of Legendary top quality armor. You can with care easily tackle content two ranges over you and doing so gives much better rewards. Hardened teams of pro’s can attempt about three levels above them.

Any items you get after level 20, even though operating Strikes/Crucible that have much more Light than the one particular that you are wearing, equip it irrespective of the other stats. Ideally you are hoping for complete L20 unusual gear initially, each and every slot commences as 13 Light and upgrades to 15, total of 60 Light will put you at degree 24.

All of your Unusual Coins and Motes of Light should be saved for Xur, Agent of the Nine. He appears on Friday morning and vanishes close to the identical time as he appears on Sunday morning, and he sells one particular exotic item for every class for 13 Strange Coins, and one particular exotic engram for 23 Motes of Light which can end up becoming for any class but you can either store it or break it down if it’s not for your class as substantial degree upgrade supplies are quite beneficial at this early stage of your game.

When you’ve gotten a hundred Marks for both factions, preserve undertaking the bounties and start off thinking about the weekly Strike and Nightfall missions. The Nightfall mission in distinct which can be attempted from LVL 25 onwards is wonderful, because it not only provides wonderful rewards for finishing the content and is great fun, but it gives a buff until finally the finish of the reset that increases your XP and reputation! As always try out to complete the material on the hardest difficulty you and your friends can deal with.

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