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NBA 2K21 Tips: How To Play Lockdown Transition Defense


What’s Good Sports Gamers? Today, We will be covering some effective ways to improve your transition defense in NBA 2K21. With these tips, you should instantly see results.

NBA 2K21 Lockdown Transition Defense Tips

Set Plays

The first way to improve your transition defense is with the set plays you run. When running a play, the goal is to get an open look for yourself or teammate. Typically, you are not focused on how the offense is actually positioned if you miss the shot. Knowing this, it helps greatly to find plays that have your best defender hovering somewhere around the perimeter with another teammate close by to be the backbone of your transition defense defending the Fastbreak. Look for plays that have at least one of your better defenders hanging out around the perimeter to help with setting up transition defense with a teammate nearby for assistance.

“Switch All” Defensive Setting

Now, to go along with having well positioned offensive plays, you want to make sure your Switch Rules are set to (Switch All) in your defensive settings. This helps when defenders are out of position guarding their matchup. This setting tells the A.I. defender closest to the opposing players what to do with this information. Switch All is super valuable in closing up any leaks in your coverage as players sprint down the court. Having it set to Switch All also is huge in fixing cross matchups as well. Especially for the times your opponent is guarding your shooting guard with their point guard, and when you miss, your shooting guard actually sticks with the point guard up the court instead of bailing. The biggest weakness with this strategy is you will run into some situations where you will have a big man on somebody much faster if you halt their Fastbreak and they transition into half court set. When this occurs, you want to hold A or X on your controller to manually switch the assignment into something more beneficial to you!

Put your best defenders in the best positions to show off their skills. This along with the Switch All setting will help close leaks Fastbreaks may cause. It also opens up opportunities for blocks the offense didn’t see coming and steals to well covered players.


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