Earlier this evening, we reported that the Xbox Series S design and price had leaked. As the evening goes on, more and more info has come out about the upcoming next-gen Xbox consoles. The biggest news to come from tonight is a high-confidence Xbox Series launch date: November 10, 2020.

The Next Generation of Xbox in November

The folks over at Windows Central have confirmed the details from the Xbox Series S leaks. They’ve also offered some important new details about the Xbox Series X. Both next-gen consoles now have a price point. As previously reported, the Xbox Series S will retail at $299. Windows Central expects the Series S to be “roughly as powerful as the Xbox One X,” making it a less powerful step into the next generation. Windows Central has also confirmed that the Xbox Series X will retail at $499. Microsoft will be offering Xbox All Access financing options as well. For those unfamiliar, Microsoft offered Xbox All Access bundles for the Xbox One consoles. Rather than buy an Xbox One upfront, you could make monthly payments. Xbox One’s All Access bundles even include an upgrade path to the now-revealed Series X and S.

Xbox All Access Bundles
Information on the Xbox One All Access Bundles, via Microsoft

The Xbox Series S and Series X bundles will cost $25 a month and $35 a month, respectively. These monthly payments are a step in making next-gen consoles more financially accessible. If the Xbox One bundles are any indication, there will be a ton of value in going this route. With Halo Infinite’s indefinite delay, the Xbox Series X is leaning into the expansive library of the Xbox Game Pass at launch. Game Pass’ inclusion in an Xbox Series X All Access bundle would make for a pretty sweet deal.

Microsoft has announced the specs for the Xbox Series X, but has been saving details on the Xbox Series S until a rumored September showcase. We’ve seen Series X gameplay as well. The two pieces we’ve been missing have fallen into place, giving us a nearly full picture of the next generation of Xbox. We can expect a (potentially hasty) Microsoft presentation officially unveiling the Xbox Series S soon. We’ll finally get our hands on the next generation of Xbox gaming on November 10.

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