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Xbox Series X Gets New Update That Widens Graphical Gap vs PlayStation 5

The Xbox Series X may have just leapfrogged the PlayStation 5 thanks to a sizable graphics update. This graphical jump is thanks to AMD’s “FidelityFX” technology. The AI-powered software has just been added to the latest Series X and Xbox Series S dev kits. The news comes courtesy of Microsoft’s Game Stack Live event this week.

What is FidelityFX and what does it do?

FidelityFX grants a number of adaptive graphics enhancements for game developers. For those unfamiliar with FidelityFX, it is an image-quality toolkit for devs. This kit makes techniques like image sharpening, variable shading, screen space reflections, and more, easier. The addition of AMD’s tech will allow the next-gen Xbox consoles to receive similar graphics boosts to that of an AMD-powered PC. Especially since AMD plans to introduce its “super resolution” technology to the Xbox ecosystem once it becomes available.

Xbox Series S/X are powered by AMD’s RDNA 2 CPUs and Zen 2 CPUs, making FidelityFX a hand-in-glove fit for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. The addition of FidelityFX especially makes a massive difference for the Xbox Series S. The new tech will allow the lesser powered next-gen console, which usually targets a 1440p resolution, to run closer to its 4K big brother.

In short, some of the powerful graphics tech, once exclusive to PC, is now accessible to Microsoft’s Xbox developers. But, how long it will take for this tree to bear fruit is another question. Keep in mind FidelityFX was just added to the Xbox’s development kits. We likely won’t see its full impact until further down the line.

How it stacks up vs. the PlayStation 5

The Xbox Series X is already an absolute beast on paper. The system edges Sony’s PlayStation 5 in CPU (3.8 GHz), GPU (12.0 teraflop), and SSD storage (1 TB). FidelityFX will likely push the Series X closer to its 8K, 120 fps potential, while the PlayStation 5 will remain at its 4K, 60 fps performance target. Graphically speaking this update could widen that gap even more.

Is FidelityFX coming to the PS5?

PS5 gamers may not be left in the dark on this one. While there is no word as to if or when the AMD technology will make it to Sony’s next-gen console, the rival systems do share some hardware similarities. Not to mention, both consoles run on AMD chips.


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