EA Sports and the NFL announced an all-new look at the Madden 21 Championship series that will be different from the past.

The championship series will offer a multitude of different things that will keep fans entertained. Those include a first-of-its-kind tournament offerings, weekly sports entertainment programming, and a mix of different celebrities, athletes, and professional Madden NFL players involvement.

What’s New To Madden 21 Championship Series

Gamers will be able to watch the Madden 21 Championship Series every Tuesday night. The series will be broadcasted on Madden NFL’s Twitch and YouTube channels throughout the NFL season.

From September 15 until October 27, King of the Hill will be featured as well. It’s two single elimination tournaments that will have two NFL athletes and two Madden NFL competitive gamers face off. The winner from each matchup advances to the next week for another matchup. Each tournament has a $50,000 prize pool with NFL players shares to be donated to a charity of their choice.

Los Angeles Chargers safety Darwin James will have his own challenge on Madden against others. From September 15 until December 22, James will face-off against different celebrities or NFL players in a match. He’ll faces different opponents throughout a 16 week course. It will result in a showdown with the winner of the 2021 Madden NFL 21 Club Championship.

What Will Be Returning

Returning to the Madden 21 championship series will be Pizza Hut back as the sponsor of the series. Pizza Hut will also feature a newly renovated virtual Pizza Hut Stadium across all the series programming.

Madden NFL 21 Club Championship is back as well from November 10 until February 5. Gamers will be able to represent all 32 NFL teams with all the games being played remotely. The prize to win will be a $1.4 million prize pool which is the largest in Madden NFL history.

To see more about the Madden 21 Championship Series, gamers can watch the trailer here. Gamers can also register to compete in the championship series here as well.


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