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Mobile Sports Games Set Industry-leading Trends

Attitudes towards gaming have changed considerably in the last decade. In the nineties, people happily played on their video game consoles or PCs. In the 2010s, mobile devices serve as a platform for a large portion of the market. Skip forward to the 2020s and there are around three billion gamers in the world, and over 75% are mobile gamers.

The convenience of playing from home or on the go makes mobile gaming incredibly appealing. As a result, variations of classic titles, as well as releases designed for mobile, are taking over the industry and popular culture.

Sports and Traditional Games on the Go

Mobile versions of games are convenient in large due to accessibility. By the very nature of mobile devices, mobile games keep players connected. Additionally, the convenience and accessibility of mobile games translates into new players. Therefore, it’s not surprising remote casino services are in high demand. This  goes especially for mobile games with sports themes.

For instance, versions of soccer appear heavily across mobile platforms and offer many casino products. Football Glory, Super Striker, and The Champions are just three examples of slots that have significant bases, but they aren’t the only ones. Playing online casino slot machines via mobile also means you can sample greyhound racing, fishing, ice hockey, and horse racing, thanks to the likes of Wildhound Derby, Break Away Deluxe, and Scudamore’s Super Stakes. The games are having a knock-on effect on consumer habits, too.

In Canada in 2019, more than 60% of cell phone users with a subscription had data plans exceeding 5G. The fact the average download speeds are 123% quicker than in the US is a factor, but so is the need to invest in mobile software offers modern customers what they need, i.e., a wireless connection for gaming purposes.

From consoles to handheld

Sports video games aren’t a new phenomenon. Mobile tech may be taking the sector to new places, yet people still want the same titles. Many of the highly regarded titles have been or are being reformatted to a mobile platform. This can be seen with eFootball 2020 debuting as a platform with regular updates, rather than an annual release. Something typically seen in mobile games.

FIFA has been around for decades, with a different edition released yearly for Sony and Microsoft customers. However, now that there are more platforms, EA Sports is branching out. FIFA Mobile is already projected to have secured 139 million downloads. The Madden NFL Mobile game attempted to take its growth to another level by localizing content for the whole of North America. It does this by having CFL live events to engage Canadian audiences. NBA 2K Mobile is a 3D game that recreates the authenticity of being in a stadium in real-time.

After evaluating the way sports games reinvent the user experience for mobile users, it’s no wonder mobile devices are transforming into the main gaming avenues in some regions. Before long, the platform may be the undisputed king of the industry.

Whether it’s traditional series like the NBA 2K, FIFA, or Madden NFL franchises, or online casino releases such as Break Away Deluxe and Wildhound Derby, there are tons of options for mobile gamers who are sports fans. Long may this continue.

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