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WWE 2K22 SGO Weekly

SGO Weekly: WWE 2K22, Sunrise GP, and More! (3/4/2022 – 3/10/2022)

The SGO Weekly breaks down news that may have gone unnoticed throughout the previous week. In addition to general news, this includes reveals, trailers, and announcements. Check out this week’s breakdown featuring more on WWE 2K22

SGO Weekly: WWE 2K22, & more!

Sunrise GP announcement trailer

Garage 5 announced they’re working on a new arcade racing game for the Nintendo Switch. Sunrise GP features cartoonish fun with bright and pastel colors.

In Sunrise GP, the players compete for victory in Grand Prix, Each drives various vehicles with varying stats. In addition, Sunrise GP features an assortment of tracks. Each race will take the players across different parts of the world with new, exciting challenges.

Besides the single-player campaign, Sunrise GP includes a local split-screen mode designed for up to four people, a challenge mode, and a quick race.

Bidstack & Xaxis to provide in-game advertising solutions

Bidstack Group PLC has announced a new partnership with Xaxis. The partnership provides Xaxis access Bidstack’s portfolio of in-game ad formats and branded experiences. This also includes access to Bidstack’s global supply of inventory which features 70+ exclusive titles including Dirt 5, Football Manager 2022, and Top Eleven.

Rocket League Season 6

Rocket League Season 6 begins on March 9 for all platforms. This time, Rocket League is getting animated with the upcoming season.

Season will feature a new Arena variant, Rocket Pass, Competitive Season, New Limited Time Event, and more. It also includes:

  • Neo Tokyo (Comic) Variant
  • New Rocket Pass
  • Limited Time Event – A new Limited Time Event, featuring a smashing new Limited Time Mode, will be available later in the season. More information will be revealed at a later date.
  • Additional Updates – Season 5 Competitive Rewards will be distributed shortly after Season 6 begins

F1 Manager 2022 revealed

Frontier Developments unveiled F1 Manager 2022, the new management simulation game coming this summer. The F1 Manager franchise will be Frontier’s first foray into an annual sports license. The new game comes as part of a long term, multi-title agreement with F1. F1 Manager 2022 launches in summer 2022 on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and the Epic Store.

WWE 2K22 launch

It’s March 11, you know what that means. WWE 2K22 released early today on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. This also means any purchases made today and moving forward are no longer eligible to receive pre-order bonuses. If you’re on the fence about this years game, don’t worry. We snagged a copy of the Deluxe Edition and will be getting our review of the WWE 2K22 up as soon as possible. Check out the launch trailer below!

In other news…

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