Back in March, Konami announced that the UEFA EURO 2020 DLC pack would be dropping in the coming weeks. Today, Konami announced that the package will be released this coming June.

PES UEFA Euro 2020 DLC

When the DLC pack was initially announced, Konami stated that the pack would be released on April 30. However, the pack was not released on its originally scheduled date due to development changes that were caused by the coronavirus.

Today, Konami announced that the EURO 2020 DLC package will now be released on June 4 as part of Data Pack 7.0. The package will be available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC platforms.

Here are the details on what gamers will receive in the package:

  • All 55 UEFA national teams, squad rosters and existing kits will be available
  • The official UEFA EURO 2020™ tournament mode will be added as planned
  • Faithful and highly realistic recreations of Wembley Stadium and Saint Petersburg Stadium will be added as planned
  • The official UEFA EURO 2020™ Group Stage match ball will be available at launch
  • UEFA EURO 2020™ Featured Players, themed Matchdays and other in-game events are still planned but subject to change, with further details to be shared in-game
  • The official UEFA EURO 2020™ Team of the Tournament will no longer be released



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