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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is now available in the Americas for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC via Steam.

PES 2017 is built around the concept of “Control Reality,” an attempt to create the most accurate simulation of professional soccer that’s possible in a video game. The “Real Touch” system ensures that players can receive a pass and make space with a variety of movements, while the “Precise Pass” mechanic ensures that players have control over the weight and speed of every pass they make. PES 2017 has also made advances in out-field and goal-keeping AI.

Online play has improved in PES 2017. A dedicated PES League option allows players to join the Official PES League and go head-to-head against rival players.

PES’s myClub mode is launching in conjunction with today’s release. This game mode allows players to get used to new gameplay elements, so they are prepared to build their own club. Elements like the use of agents within myClub and in-game competitions within the game’s tutorial have been refined. Players also have access to a special agent, four start-up agents that represent key on-pitch positions, and 10,000 GP currency. MyClub’s transaction option is going live on September 22.

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September 22 will also bring with it a UEFA Champions League special agent promotion. This will give players a chance to access the top footballers from the teams involved in the Champions League group stage, along with 11 footballers from the 2015 UEFA Team of the Year. Players can also acquire a UEFA Champions League special agent as a reward for beating teams that play in the group stage—in the PES 2017 VS Com Challenge Cup.

The first update file for PES 2017 will be available September 15. This free download will update all rosters and teams to include all signings made during the most recent transfer window.

PES 2017 is coming to Europe and Asia on September 15, so those outside the Americas will have to wait a couple more days to get in on the fun.

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