Mar 8, 2021
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Super Mega Baseball Developer Interview


Scott: Yeah, when it’s that few people, taking that feedback in the community and sort of making an informed decision about we’re reading the forms ourselves, so we know how much people want it, but it’s the same people seeing and reading that feedback and making decision about what to do next as the people that understand how much work it’s going to take to do it, so I think having that tight loop is going to be really useful for making good decisions about what to put in there.

Christian: I was just going to say, you know, we really, really care about our users, we are trying so hard to put the best thing out there that we can, so you know, we really are trying to make the best game that we can by listening to our users, which is a key thing for us. We take their feedback incredibly seriously, and to heart, like there are so few of us, you know, so anything that they say directly goes to one of us, that’s what we’ve worked on for God knows how long. It’s very personal for us, you know, what everyone says and what we can give back to the community.

The Natural: Right, that’s your baby. So, how is the development for the next gen systems been, because I know we’ve heard some groans about development and making that move and the expense of moving to a new platform?

Christian: We’ve actually been lucky on that front, well we eventually went with the technology platform that made it not too bad for us, kind of from the get-go so whenever it was back in 2009 we made the decision, like ‘hey we’re going to try and make this crazy thing, we’re going to make a multi-platform console game,’ we knew right from the get go that these are the kind of issues that we’re going to face, so everything that we’ve done right from the get go and we’re always asking ‘how do we make this thing so that we can easily bring it to many platforms?’ So, the technology has been chosen along the way, the things that we’ve done have always been in mind, and so it’s worked out well for us, so all things are considered. So it’s still a lot of work, like it took us, you know, it took us the better part of this year to bring expense one, but it hasn’t been as bad as it could’ve been, just because we planned ahead for it.

Scott: Yeah, and not that too, it’s probably different for us that a lot of the other big companies too, because I can just imagine what it’s like once you got a, you know, a 15-year code base built up and you know, some of it is new and some of it is old. I can definitely see over time things getting more complicated in terms of technology and, you know, what you do need to do in a port and sort of take the fidelity of a project up, I’m sure that could suffer over time, it’s sort of our first thing, so I’m sure we’ll learn, you know, if we make it to the next general, we’ll see what that’s like.

Uber: Right, I was thinking, you know, because I pretty much play all all-sports games across the board. So, with the release on Steam and Microcell gaming consoles coming up here, I think you guys are- I can’t think of many other sports games that are virtually on all platforms, I mean, you guys are pretty much everywhere now. Next gen and PC, you know, and that’s pretty impressive and pretty cool.
You’ve got to get some great baseball features in.

Scott: That would be fun, we actually joked that if you look at super mega baseball, the characters are actually, you know, they’ve got some not necessarily normal proportions, and we were joking about that. What it might be to be at bat in one of those ballparks, because you know in VR, there’s that true sense of sales, so you’d be sitting beside this guy whose head looks like, literally, the size of a boulder. So, you know, we almost have to do a quick prototype on VR, just to have some class, we’ll see.

The Natural: I’d definitely be the first person to sign up for that testing.

Scott: Alright, good, good.

Uber: So, tell us one more time, where can we find super mega baseball and extra innings, where can we find it, how can we connect with you guys, how can people reach out to you guys?


Scott: Super mega baseball extra innings is coming this Friday, August 14th to Xbox one, and a week later on Steam. The best place to come and talk to us is on our forums,, and of course twitter and Facebook @supmegbaseball on twitter and Supermegabaseball on Facebook.

Uber: That’s awesome. You know what, I have one more question; PS4, I’m a PS4 guy, are extra innings coming to the PS4?

Scott: So, basically, effectively yes, in the sense that the new console is going to come to the PS4 via a patch and a free VLC in September. So, it won’t be called extra innings, but you know, all that content is going to make it to the existing players on PS4.

Christian: And because some people have asked, it’s coming to PS3 as well.

The Natural: Great, awesome, very cool. Well, we really appreciate you guys being with us, taking out time in your busy schedules and we’re really excited about the game, it’s a great game, and you know, really can’t wait to get our hands on it. Make sure you guys get out there and pick up the game, get on the forums and everything, and we’re going to get our community super excited about super mega baseball. I just played it before we talked here, it’s still on my screen as we look at it. Looking at the yoga classes, it’s a modifier right now. Which, by the way, it’s really cool, the unlockable, the modifiers here, they’re pretty funny too. You guys made it fairly humorous as well, so you know, it’s not just completely analytics and numbers and, you know, saber metrics crunch, you guys made it fun and humorous, which I love.

Scott: We had a lot of fun making it, for sure.

Uber: Very cool. Well, thanks for taking the time out, really appreciate that, Scotty and Christian. Thanks guys.

Scott and Christian: Yeah, thank you very much.

Scott: I really appreciate it, hope everything on the site goes well and it looks good, and we’ll keep our eyes on you there.

The Natural: Absolutely, we’ll stay in touch. Thanks guys!

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