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What are the Most Popular Sports Games Worldwide?

With the continuous growth of sports gaming, and eSports competitions reaching monumental viewership on streaming platforms, it’s time to look at the most popular sports games from around the world. Honorable mentions include Pro Evolution Soccer, WWE 2K, PGA Tour and Gran Turismo. Note, this list does not cover a particular order.

Top Sports Games Worldwide

FIFA 22 

fifa 22

As one of the most widely broadcasted sports, FIFA has long been the cornerstone of both the sporting and gaming world. With FIFA 22’s release nearing, fans of the popular series can look forward to customizing their own teams and stadiums in FIFA Ultimate Team.

This year, EA Sports completely overhauled the competitive modes, FUT Champions and Division Rivals. FIFA 22 also introduces a new FUT Champions qualification tournament mode. In addition, it comes with improved rewards for players who rank high at the end of the weekend league.

New Ultimate Team promos, weekly updates and various other modes such as Career Mode, the series features a wide variety content for new and returning players. FIFA is one of many popular games on streaming platforms with players hoping to dethrone the best names from the community, although it seems no one will be taking TechZ’s crown anytime soon.

NBA 2K22


2K’s latest edition of the NBA game series has just hit the shelves and is already one of the most popular recent releases to date.

The highly coveted MyCareer mode continues to delight players with a strong story narrative and a range of customization options for your own player. The neighborhood is back and bigger than ever with an entire city to explore. With a whole new range of badges and builds to design, including a hall of fame posturizer dunk badge (yes you read that right!), there is a large selection of attributes to choose from.

The NBA 2K League is also one of the most popular esports leagues in gaming. The league regularly features the best 2K Players in the world who represent their favorite NBA teams in an electric series of games.

In addition to competition ,the league hosts a 2K Draft for selecting the best prospects capable of joining a new NBA 2K League team, similar to how the NBA selects potential college prospects in real life.

Oh, and yes, you can also bring the Toronto Raptors back to providence should you wish, maybe claiming a second Larry O’Brian will suffice Raptors fans?

NHL 22

Think you’ve got what it takes to compete against the greatest virtual hockey players in the world? Well then, the NHL Gaming World Championship is the premier competition to assert yourself.

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the West with many fans tuning in to watch NHL matches every season. Canadians in particular enjoy watching the NHL and can now place individual sports bets on hockey matches as well as placing early bets on which team will win the upcoming NHL season.

With a new season, comes another instalment in EA Sports’ long withstanding NHL series releasing in October. Fans of the popular series can hope for a further improvement on the Be a Pro mode as well as a continuous string of content added into Ultimate Team.

With NHL 22 now on the horizon, its time to hit the ice once again and take on some of the best the latest series will have to offer.



As the returning NFL season kicks off, fans of the distinguished sport can also wind down and enjoy some virtual footballing action on EA’s long established Madden series.

Whether a team is ‘tanking’ or rebuilding, players can turn them back into a Super Bowl contender in Madden thanks to the Franchise mode. Much like other EA Sports titles, Madden has an Ultimate Team mode that allows players to build-up a dream squad with a large number of cards to acquire.

Players can sink hours into Madden and its numerous online modes. Madden 22 is EA’s latest release, giving fans a chance to sit-back and enjoy the new season before unwinding by booting up the newest addition to the long-lasting series. As more prestigious sports games continue to pile up on the shelves, fans are almost spoiled by the many choices in sports games.

Even if you’re not a fan of some of the sports listed above, the games more than make up for any lost interest you may have and are well worth playing through.

Who knows? Maybe if you started playing some of these games listed, you might want to become more intrigued into its real life counterpart. Maybe reigniting the dormant Vancouver Grizzlies and taking them to the NBA Finals may indulge you to watch some real-life NBA action.

There is plenty out there to enjoy from a virtual sporting standpoint as more audiences become further interested into what the sporting world has to offer.

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