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SGO featured on League Crawler!

SGO league crawler

Sports Gamers Online was featured on League Crawler this week.  League Crawler is a free community site where anyone can join and browse through an ever growing list of leagues, PSNIDs and Gamertags and rate their experience with the league or a player. We are very honored to be selected as one of top gaming sports sites on the web and hope to continue to grow our community.

 “When League Crawler first launched back in March 2014, we had a lot of leagues check us out and come on board pretty quickly. SGO was one of the first and was actually featured in our League of the Week feature, back when I though that was viable – grin. Since re-launching, it seemed we could do a better job of featuring leagues the right way by doing a League of the Month feature and really spend time looking for the best of the best out there and featuring them. With that, I’m proud to feature SGO as October’s League of the Month! If you take some time to get to know SGO, you’ll actually find we could name this feature, Leagues of the Month because SGO is more of a network of great leagues instead of just one league.In the Madden league I used to run, some of the guys would occasionally suggest I create another league to run with it – which was crazy because of how much work it is to get guys to fill one league and run it every day. That said, check out what SGO is doing – they have a network of several leagues from several games – Madden, NBA2K and MLB The Show – all running under the same umbrella and leadership. They have dedicated commissioners for each league but they run in conjunction with SGO’s framework. Really, really, really cool stuff!If you take the time to check out their website, you’ll find out pretty quickly that SGO is the real deal. The site is beautiful, well thought out and has TONS of content. SGO reminds me of an early Operation Sports. They not only provide the framework for their leagues to meet and operate, they also post expert tips on play styles and strategies that are posted to their youtube channel as well. It’s a great place to not only play in a league but develop your skills as well.”


Checkout the rest of the feature story here at League Crawler’s website.

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