We are looking for people who want to play or learn how to play for a club team meaning you pick a position you would like to play and create your own person. We would like to get a full starting 11 at least so we can enter cup tournaments. I personally am very passionate about soccer and I would like to find people who share the same passion to start this team with. It’s all about teamwork if you watch soccer that’s how this team should be played. We will play regularly and practice through the week so we can enter cup windows when they are open.
Even if you haven’t played before learning isn’t too hard and we can get you ready for the match day and learning positions.  EA Sports FIFA 15 clubs will be a major part of the site featuring content,  streaming and chat for all SGO fifa players.
If you are looking for FIFA 15 clubs or just enjoy the game sign up here to join SGOFC today! For more info on SGOFC check it out here on SGO the forums.
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The Natural
A fan of sports game since his first EA sports title Madden 93. "The Natural" has been an active member of the Sports Gaming community since joining the MWS in 2003. Having participated and won in the Madden challenge and countless other tournaments earlier in his career he has moved on to more of a sim style over the years. He is always looking to do what he can to push simulation style gaming forward.