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Destiny Tips: Guide to Ascendant Materials


Ascendant materials are one of the most sought after materials in Destiny, required to upgrade any exotic or legendary armor/weapon. Here are several tips for end game players to achieve Ascendant materials in Destiny.

All levels:

  • Public events – every time you complete a public event (gold tier) you’ve a chance to get a mote of light, strange coin, ascendant shard or ascendant energy.
  • Daily public event – For your first public event of the day you’ll get some guaranteed materials from the postman. After you get your gold tier, go to the post master and he’ll have a little package that will give you either ascendant shards, energies, strange coins or a mote of light.
  • Chests – Chests have a rare chance to reward you with rare materials.
  • Crucible – It is possible to get a random drop at the end of a Crucible match.

Level 20+

  • Dismantle legendary equipment – if you happen to be rolling in exotic/legendary gear then feel free to dismantle it and get 2-3 energy/shards depending on whether it was a weapon/armour that you dismantled. If you’ve just upgraded your legendary to an exotic, I’d probably hang onto the legendary just in case you get another exotic you’d prefer to equip and suddenly have to farm yourself another legendary to fill the void. (Note queen’s wrath equipment no longer rewards ascendant shards)
  • Farm crucible/vanguard marks – So it’s not going to be quick, but a guaranteed way to get shards is to buy a piece of armour for 65 marks or a weapon for 150 and dismantle it.
  • Rank up factions – Every time you get a faction to rank 3 you’ll get an assortment of items as a gift.

Level 23-25

  • Daily heroic mission – if you do the daily heroic it’ll award you 5 vanguard marks at level 20, however you can also bump the difficulty to level 24 or 28 and this will reward you with 1 or 2 ascendant materials respectively.
  • Level 24 “Tiger” strike playlist – As of patch 1.02  they are apparently greatly increased the odds of getting engram and legendary drops from doing this strike playlist.

Level 25+

  • Vault of Glass – every time you hit a checkpoint or open a chest you’ve a chance to get 2-3 ascendant materials, a weapon or a piece of armour. By my count there are 3 chests and 4 checkpoints giving you 7 opportunities to get the materials.


Follow these Destiny tips and you will be stocked full of ascendant materials in no time. Join the Destiny discussion in our forums.

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