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Madden 15 10 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Game!

Watch the video above for a detailed walkthrough of each Tip!

1.       Be Unique – Don’t have a average joe offense that consists of HB off tackle, play action TE out routes. Go into practice mode and start getting creative if you want to get better you has to throw people off just like in the NFL. Because becoming predictable on offence will get you in lots of trouble!

 2.       Don’t be stupid on Fourth Down – My biggest mistake in Madden when I first started was that I would go for it on 4th and 10 etc. and rarely get it and this would cause me to lose the game. Punt the football and play defense! Even if you suck at defense the only way to get better is to keep doing it.

 3.       Don’t user the lineman – The fastest way to get good at defense is getting a good user. What I do is use the outside linebacker and try to take away the simplest read going from inside to out so if there is a tight end user and take him away it will make your opponent have to panic or throw it anyway to get you a interception.

 4.       Message good players – In Madden 12 I messaged the number 60 ranked guy and asked if he would play a game just in that game I learned so much and it showed me a different side of the game I didn’t know before. Or just ask any YouTuber for a game like me I will be glad to help anyone that asks.

 5.       Throw the ball out of bounds! – If you’re scrambling and you have nowhere to go chuck the ball out of bounds don’t be that guy who throws up a streak in double coverage because he panics!

 6.       Read the coverage – Learn to be able to look at a defense and know what it is and have ways to beat if for example I see cover 3 I am throwing my user catch play no matter what! Peyton Manning doesn’t go to the line and stare at the grass so learn defenses to get a better offense.

 7.       Keep it Simple – I do not mean run what everyone else does I am saying that if you find an offensive strategy that is awesome and works for you keep running it until the person can stop it. This also allows you to learn your reads and master those few plays.

 8.       Don’t Quit – If you are playing a guy that is better than you and losing big keep playing! The only way to get better is through experience and you don’t get that by quitting. If you are down big you can try new plays you don’t normally run. Losing should be a learning experience for your next game.

 9.       Run screens –  RB, WR, TE, FB there are so many ways you can run screens! And it is one of simplest ways to get easy yardage. See video for a run through on all the different types!

10.   Join a league – It is said practice makes perfect. Online Madden leagues are a great way to practice versus other players of varying skill. We have several leagues to choose from ranging from SIM to competitive on SGO. Sign up for one today!

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