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Madden 15 Stopping QB Sneak!


Have you ever been in a game and shut your opponent down, but its 4th and 1 and you know he’s going to QB sneak it?  You frantically search for a goal line play and maybe if you’re lucky, you will be able to stop it. I too, was having the same problem and quite frankly I was tired of it. So I hit the lab to find a defense that could shut down the QB sneak. After searching for what seemed like forever I found a solution.

In order to successfully stop the QB sneak almost 85% of the time, that’s right 85% of the time you will need to run to select the Goalline 5-3-3 formation and choose  Jam Cover 1.



1. Pinch your D-line together and then place your linebacker in the A Gap between the offensive center and guard on right side. Don’t get too close to the O-line with your linebacker or you will end up getting stuck and getting an off sides penalty.


2. Run commit to the left side and stay in control of the blitzing LB as he will try to return to his original position.


3. At the snap of the ball run  directly at the quarterback. The QB should immediately be hit for no gain if done properly.

This can be seen more clearly in the Madden 15 Stopping QB Sneak video below:

If you do all of these steps correctly you will stop the quarterback dead in his tracks and shut down the QB sneak. Did our Madden 15 Stopping QB Sneak strategy work for you? Let us know! If you would like more free tips subscribe to Sports Gamers Online and follow us on our social networks!

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