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Madden 15 Best Way to Progress Players


As you may know Progressing players in Madden 15 is much tougher than in previous years. Here is a few tips which will help you consistently and effectively progress your players.

1. Don’t Buy the Development Trait


Don’t spend 15000 exp on the development trait! That’s a ton of points you could spend on a player to make him better. First, increase consistency. That increases the amount of points he earns in practice and in game. Get it to at least 60. Then work on some of the other traits until they are around 80. Then increase the consistency to about 80. Consistency is extremely cheap to progress. Consistency and confidence, I’ve found, is the best way to make your team better.


2. Accomplish Goals


There are two ways to earn XP. Through achieving goals (Seasonal, Weekly, and Milestone), and through Game Prep. Remain aware of your weekly and yearly team goals as well as your yearly player goals. Doing your best to accomplish these goals will net you a  exp at the end of the year.


3. Confidence


Every player now has a confidence rating between 1 and 99. That confidence rating is dynamic and will change based on what happens to the player and his team from week to week, and is is NOT an indication of how confident the player generally is in real life. Every player starts Connected Franchise with a “normal” confidence rating of 50. Once confidence start dropping to below 25-30 or increasing to 70-80, that’s when ratings changes will occur.  They key is to get as many players are you can above 70 CNF so their ratings will begin to rise.


4. Coach Packages


Jim Harbaugh as a coach, that player will earn more XP or confidence than a player with an average coach/trait. NFL coaches like Andy Reid and Jim Harbaugh are known for developing QBs, and that is what the development team attempted to capture. So if you are starting with a brand new coach make sure you invest in his XP bonuses as well.


5. Don’t Use Auto progress


This will allow you to use exp that best fits your playstyle. If you are a grinder on the ground use that exp on your RB, O-line or increase your Tight End’s blocking instead of receiving attributes. The CPU doesn’t know your team like you do so customize it how you see fit!


6. Plan Ahead


Don’t waste Game Prep on players that may be leaving in the off season, traded, cut or replaced by a drafted player.  Focus on your main guys who have deficiencies or younger players who are starting or will eventually start.  If there is a young QB on the bench use your point to develop him over a veteran who might not be with the team in the next season.


7. Awards


Making the Pro Bowl and winning end of season awards will give you a ton of exp to spend in the off-season, so work hard pushing players that are close to winning end of season awards. Being selected as the Weekly Player of the Week will net you additional XP to spend as well.


 8. Winning


As Tiger Woods once said, “Winning takes care of everything.” Nothing will help you players progress more than winning as it will net you more exp and keep your player’s confidence high which will give you stats boots the entire year.


Hopefully these Madden 15 Tips will help you progress your players more quickly and efficiently.  Try these out and let us know how they worked out for you.

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Izzy Snow
Izzy Snow
7 years ago

Easily my fave part of CFM in M13/25. I made a 4th string rookie QB into a 92 ovr in 1 online season.