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No Man’s Sky Latest Info


More info on No Man’s Sky, one of the most anticipated Games of 2015. Game Informer’s latest preview of the game discovered a ton of new info and we couldn’t be more impressed.  Warning Spoilers Below!

Game starts with trippy space trip like end of 2001. You begin on a random planet, everybody will start on their own. It could be very difficult with tough monsters, or have rare products or be boring. It will vary for every person.

A beacon on your mini-map leads you to your ship, you can leave at any time. The map shows the entire galaxy, varying zoom levels lets you see stars up close. Stars have a color that indicate the sort of resources they might have. You can scan their solar systems to see if there is a space station or a planet with points of interest, if it is previously explored you will see exactly what is on the planet.

At 1st you require a new hyperdrive and fuel so you can’t go far. You will need funds to purchase upgrades and fuel, essentially everything you do deposits money into your account. So you can blow up rocks to collect resources, blow up other ships, and discovering new places as they all give currency.

Game starts with trippy space trip like end of 2001. You just appear on a random planet, everyone will start on a different one. It could be very difficult with tough monsters, or have rare items or be boring. It will be different for everyone.



Each and every solar system has a trading post or space station where you can cash resources in. The trading post is on the planet so you don’t have to jump to space each and every time you want to cash in. Every single post will have ships coming in and be normally active. You can view ships you would like to acquire, and see upgrades.

You can attack incoming ships and steal their cargo as, performing so will get the nearby police on you. If you escape they will put a bounty on you so that you can’t go around the base without getting attacked.

Each and every solar technique has a space station, depending on how large it is shows the level of products in it. Big stations have a lot greater ships and upgrades to get. You can attack the station, can’t blow it up but you can decrease its ranking. You get nothing for it, they merely allow you to be an ass if you want.

Combat is normal FPS stuff. Each and every planet has robots (bipedal ones shown, mini at-st’s) they want to preserve nature untouched. So the more you get resources or alien animals you kill  a lot more these robots will come after you. They will come in teams, flank, etc. tougher ones will appear closer to the center of the galaxy.

Space combat is arcadey choose up and play style. They describe the combat like Halo, you will want to establish which enemy to attack very first. The smaller sized easy to kill ships or the bigger ones with shields which they describe as elites. Some ships will give shields to other smaller sized ones. Some you won’t be able to stand up against until you upgrade.


Traveling to the center is the principal purpose but devs do not care if you don’t care to go there. They say they want it to take 40-100 hours to reach the center based on how much you focus on getting there. Some planets have temples with portals that will randomly transport you closer to the center, you never know what you will discover on the other side.

If your ship is destroyed, you will escape in a pod and land in the closest planet. You drop what you had on the ship but preserve your individual upgrades and your bank account. Your purpose is to get another ship. If you die on the planet you get taken back to the pod web site and drop almost everything you gathered since leaving the pod. Dieing closer to the center of the galaxy is far tougher as planets could be brutal to escape.

With multiplayer they don’t want folks to meet up, so there is no voice chat. They talk about how you don’t know what you appear like so somebody else seeing you will be the a single way to see what you appear like. They have a chart of achievable upgrades for your suit, your ship and your multitool. Regular stuff like shields, jet pack, armor, energy, fuel capacity, hyperdrive, etc.



Quick list of known features so far:

  • There’s a wildly abstract intro sequence that sounds really cool.
  • Not all players start on equal terms. Some planets will be harsh, some will have rare resources.
  • First point of interest on your starting planet will be your ship
  • Galaxy map shows how many planets each star has, any special properties like extra resources. If online you’ll learn additional things like if it’s been discovered, what class of space station is there. Can zoom in further to examine planets individually. If it’s been explored you’ll see a run down of the points of interest.
  • Can see friends location on galaxy map.
  • In game messaging system has been teased.
  • If you fly past another player, you might never even know it’s a real person
  • Money is called units
  • Everything earns money, like resources, exploration, combat.
  • Get resources with mining laser and grenades, and can only see resources in a special scanning mode.
  • Hyperdrive fuel and cargo space share the same storage
  • If you see a ship you like, you can follow it back to a station to buy it
  • Can land in docking bays in space station, and get out and browse tradable cargo or stroll down the line of ships to check out stats and prices
  • What you can buy depends on who is there. Could see a ship you like and want to buy that just flies off before you get a chance
  • Some space stations look like Death Star or Borg cube, and can be attacked. Can’t be destroyed, but can damage them enough to lower their rating. No reward for doing so though, but you can be rewarded for attacking the police it sends out to attack you.
  • Upgrades to suit and weapon don’t vanish on death
  • List of some possible upgrades: (I’ll update this when I’m back at my laptop, there’s a long list)
  • Malevolent force is a robotic army. They maintain the balance of the universe. If you are just strolling around, they will ignore you. But if you start killing creatures or carving out resources and they see this then they will attack. So far there’s a bipedal version and quadruped version. These aren’t procedural, so you can learn how to deal with them.
  • If you die in a ship, you basically just lose the ship and cargo, and have to save up for a new one before you can leave the current system. But you don’t lose money or upgrades.
  • Current estimate to get to centre is 40-100 hours. The minimum being for people who go straight for it as fast and efficiently as possible. Hello Games can adjust this before release though
  • There’ll be portals to different planets in alien temples (don’t know how rare this might be). Can’t take ship with, so need to gather what you can on other side and go back through portal.

Latest development trailer via Game Informer:


No Man’s Sky currently does not have a set release date but it is expected in 2015.

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